Hidden Truths (The Oregon Series Book #2)

– by Jae

What can I say except Jae‘s Oregon Series is a MUST-READ, MUST-HAVE, MUST-OWN! Throw in multiple re-reads, too!

“Backwards to Oregon” is on my top 3 FAVOURITE lesbian fiction.

So I’m grateful that Jae wrote “Hidden Truths,” its sequel, because I got to find out more about Nora/Luke’s journey after many years together AND a big plus, their children, all grown up now!

Loved Amy since she was a wee kid in “Backwards” so to discover HER journey through adulthood, her sexuality and the truth about her family, written with such depth, emotional strength, sensitivity, sensuality, you can’t help but feel all she feels throughout the book. The carefully sculptured scenes describing the budding friendship, unquestionable chemistry & growing attraction between Amy & Rika literally come to life on the pages.

Jae’s done it again with her felicitous writing & storytelling, which makes “Hidden Truth” another must-read, memorable book. That’s why I highly recommend the entire Oregon Series, along with all the accompanying shorts, as well. It truly gives you a complete picture of this unforgettable family and their equally memorable journey!

Get your copy here:





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