Just For Show

– by Jae

Just finished Jae‘s latest, “Just For Show”. Well, as expected, what a great read! No surprised there because…Jae! 🙂

You’ll love Claire & her OCD quirks (hilarious actions when she’s stressed or during…well, you’ll have to read it to find out! ;)), her obstinance, that only Lana can break through. There’s something to be said about two people who couldn’t be more different (size, shape, form, personality) from each other, who meet at the crossroads & start a journey that inadvertently open their hearts to each other.

Sometimes it takes a person who’s seemingly your polar opposite to open your eyes & mind about yourself, your life perspective & what’s truly important. The power of LOVE. And oh, remember Jill? My favourite character in the Hollywood series, “Just Physical,” makes an appearance as well as Crash. YES!

**BTW, if you haven’t read “Just Physical,” you really should, it’s brilliant! One of my favourite books, really. How Jae tackles the sensitive subject matter is what I’ll always appreciate & never forget. Brilliant love story.** 

Anyway, go read Just For Show! It’s fun, pure enjoyment!

Get your copy here:





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