Under A Falling Star

– by Jae

This is one of my favourite lesfic novels! Absolutely LOVE this book! Another must-read by Jae.

Jae writes witty humour brilliantly, I must say.

3 words to describe “Under The Falling Star”:

Hilarious. Fun. Charming.

One of the funniest scenes Jae wrote was the ER waiting room! OMG. Laugh-Out-Loud funny! Every time I re-read the book and come to that segment, I just giggle out loud! Jae has her way of describing scenarios to a tee so you literally see the scene clearly in your mind’s eye.

Not only the hilarious scenes, but the dialogue between Austen & Dee… If you know Jae’s writing, you know that she writes amusing, facetious, witty, humorous dialogue. So, you’ll chuckle when you read Austen & Dee’s back-and-forth! 😀 Their chemistry is undeniably adorable and the their romance is deliciously slow-burning that you will cash in your investment with glee by the time they get together because, as usual, Jae’s slow-burn storytelling is worth it!

A DELIGHTFUL, MUST-READ! Perfect for the holidays, too!

Get your copy here:





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