The Sex Therapist Next Door

– by Meghan O’Brien

Finished Meghan O’Brien‘s “The Sex Therapist Next Door” and I’m…just….😳😵 Speechless. Just when I thought O’Brien’s erotic romance writing genius couldn’t get any more 🔥, BAM 💥! She turns the notch way UP in this one! PHWOAR! 🔥🔥🔥

Mind. Fckn. Exploded. 🤯

It’s not just the erotic part that’s crafted so creatively but the originality of her story, how O’Brien structures it. Sex therapist Diana knocks on young writer neighbour Jude’s door one day, makes a highly unusual proposal she can’t possibly refuse and cue…

Classes in Session.


Three words: Bloody. Fckn. Hell. 🔥🔥😵💥

The intersection between physical and emotional intimacy. Can one maintain a deep level of physical intimacy without being emotionally attached and affected by it? Can one deny oneself true love?

Age-gap, unrequited love, traumatic past, relationship-phobia, second chance issues collide with public display of supposedly clinical, unattached physical intimacy, throw in intimacy complications outside the classroom, and you get one eye-opening, explicitly erotic love story written like no other, trust me. A storytelling style that will surely ignite the reader to no end, inside and out… Prolly one of the most jaw-droppingly provocative, affective, dare I say transformative, unorthodox form of erotic romance written  in lesfic (that I’ve come across, at least!), yet! No wonder she’s me favourite author of the genre because she knows her way with words. Words that push the right buttons – the boundaries of eroticism and romance – that guarantee a visceral response. IMHO.

Anyway, “TSTND” is yet another O’Brien MUST-READ!! I utterly LOVED it! Yup, another O’Brien story that’s made me favourite lesfic romance list! 😍 Reread material, obvs! 👍🏻 In fact, rereading it right now . 😉

Meghan. Fckn. O’Brien. ‘Nuff said.

*Gets me vote for next year’s GCLS in the Best Erotic Romance genre, if you ask me. Just sayin’. 😏*

Get your copy from:

Bold Strokes



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