What Happened After…(San Francisco Series, #4)

– by Nicole Pyland


I love Nicole Pyland‘s writing so obviously I’ve read all her books and won’t miss any future ones. So when her latest, the post-epilogue finale her San Francisco series, “What Happened After…(San Franciso Series, #4),” came out, I quickly devoured it.

I must say, I like and enjoyed this series finale much more than the Chicago series. I was a little tentative at first because of the Chicago post-epilogue series finale. But then…I literally whooped in delight when I discovered that all 3 post-epilogue updates of the 3 pairings from the SF series (Books 1-3 – Keira/Emma, Joanna/Macon & Hillary/Amara) had….NO BABIES!!!!!! Thank bloody Christ!! I mean, I was truly baby-ed out from the post-epilogue “What Happened After…(Chicago Series, #4)”, if you must know. This one though, I was chuffed to bits finding out each couple’s married life and their future’s trajectory did not include tiny humans at all!! Phew! What a fabulous and delish surprise for me! Sigh of relief! **Why? Because not every lesbian couple’s future has to be about babies, you know what I mean?** So, cheers, Ms. Pyland!

Anyway, this time Pyland focussed on each couple’s outlook about their married life including their respective careers. Hillary and Amara’s (from Book 3, me favourite installment of the series) also included some truth and reconciliation when it came to Amara’s dad and her mum’s past, which I really appreciated.

All in all, this post-epilogue finale of the SF series was, to me, a proper, realistic look at how married couples who’ve been together for quite a while, with obviously inevitable changes in circumstances and opportunities throughout their journeys, cope including finding ways to enrich their lives together further down the line. Using these 3 couples to chronicle different situations and lifestyle choices that married couples encounter IRL was just brilliant!

I’d defo recommend this one but first, Books 1 -3 must be read chronologically. Otherwise, your reading experience won’t be as smooth or make sense, you know.

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