Embracing Forever (Blood Resonance Book 2)

– by K Aten


Noble and the Colby sisters are back in Book 2 of K. Aten‘s very promising debut urban fantasy series, Blood Resonance! Book 1, “Running From Forever,” (my commentary here if you’re interested) was highly entertaining and enjoyable and I’m a big urban fantasy fan especially of the vamp-were kind. So, I was curious about what story Aten had in-store for Noble & Gang in the sequel, or as I’d like to dub them, “The Lesbian Vamp-Were Scooby Doo gang!” Well, as usual, Aten didn’t disappoint.

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–  by Eden Darry


After reading and thoroughly enjoying Eden Darry’s debut published novel, “The House,” I was looking forward to reading her sophomore effort, “Vanished.” Although after reading its blurb, I realised that it wasn’t going to be a horror story, rather, a speculative fiction, more like. I was intrigued to see how Darry weaved an apocalyptic/dystopia story, even though this particular sub-genre of spec fic isn’t my usual cuppa.

In the first few pages, I realised that this “end-of-the-world” story was going to have a heavy religious connotation throughout. Two words: NOAH’S ARK. Even if you’re not from the Christian/Muslim/Jewish persuasion, I’m sure you’ve heard about it since it’s been so mainstreamed already. Anyway, Darry started off the book with a huge storm and then a massively blinding white light descending upon the MCs (and the rest of the world), which caused the vanishing of just about everyone overnight! Well, except for the select (“chosen”) few including Ellery and Loveday, the 2 MCs, along with their pet dog and cat.

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Bloodbath (Harrietta Lee Series Book 2)

– by Stephanie Ahn


After finishing Stephanie Ahn‘s debut and Book 1 of her Harrietta Lee Series, “Deadline,” literally in a blink of an eye (novella length only), that left me wanting more (Harry’s ongoing adventures plus a certain demon!), I had to read Book 2 right away! Plus, I was dead curious about Ahn’s sophomore writing and storytelling skills. Needless to say, I devoured it at top speed and came out of it totally and completely entertained, satiated, satisfied, and more inspired and thrilled than ever! Ahn is most definitely a talented writer and tale-spinner of the wildest, most daring, uninhibited and imaginative kind in the world of urban fantasy!

Bloodbath.” Yes, that’s the word Ahn used to title the 2nd installment of her Harrietta Lee series. And yes, it means what it means, literally and figuratively, and she made no qualms about it, whatsoever, in bringing that title to life in weaving the sequel to Harry’s adventures as a disgraced blood witch earning her keep as an “unofficial” P.I. in the streets of New York! Ahn definitely nailed the “sequel” formula perfectly, imo: BIGGER. BETTER. MORE. Much, much more.

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Deadline (Harrietta Lee Book 1)

– by Stephanie Ahn



Who is Stephanie Ahn? What is Harrietta Lee series about? Truth be told, I had no knowledge, whatsoever, about the existence of this author, let alone her series! That was until Lex‘s review of “Deadline,” Book 1 of Ahn’s Harrietta Lee series, showed up on my GR timeline recently! At first glance, the cover threw me a little bit because it looked like a manga book. Why? Because having been a fan of manga since I was a kid, I never thought I’d see the day where there would be manga in lesfic! Hence, my initial double-take! Then almost immediately, I was curious as to how this could be in lesbian fiction! See, when “Legend of Korra” finally gave us Korrasami, I finally dared to hope that manga would expand into lesbian fiction!


*Ha! I finally found a good reason to include Korrasami images on my blog! Fancy that! If it weren’t for the cover of this book and writing style, I prolly wouldn’t find any rhyme or reason to! So, cheers, Ms. Ahn!*

So far, though, I’m still a little “obsessed” with Korra and Asami so I haven’t actually actively looked for others in manga so I don’t know what the current situation is.

Oops, I digress!!!

Back to my point…. and I DO have one, mind! Wait…

OK, so back to Ahn’s “Deadline.” First and foremost, it’s NOT manga. Well…I’ll get back to this in a bit. Anyway, at Lex’s mention of a demon girl, Lilith, that was it. With my curiosity already spilling over because I kept wondering why the book cover was in manga art form, and now a demon girl in the mix?! I just HAD to read to find out more!

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Raging At The Stars

– by Lesley Davis



5 words to sum up what this book meant to me…





Lesley Davis has once again sucked me in with something that I’ve always been fascinated with and a believer in the “Nothing is what it seems. Nothing. Open your mind” way of life! With “Raging At The Stars,” I felt an immediate connection to it because…. The X-Files! It was like Davis wrote it especially for me! All the conspiracy theories, the mindset, circumstances that she described were as if she tapped into my mind, retrieved them and crafted into this truly captivating, engrossing and positively exciting tale! Or, that she and I just happen to share similar mentality where this subject matter’s concerned! Plus… “The X-Files!!!” I would be shocked if Davis isn’t an X-phile herself! She literally took the mythology of the phenomenally ground-breaking cult series, compiled them altogether and ran with it, putting her very own unique story and writing stamp on it! Even better? Infinitely, I’d say? LESBIANS!!!!! Lesbian romance in the midst of it but not so much that it’d distract from the massive plot! That’s the genius of her tale-spinning. As much as I was enamoured of the entire collection of conspiracy theories that were brilliantly deconstructed as the plot unfolded, Davis also soothed it with a lovely, charming romance and…let’s not forget, which I now know to expect from Davis…. The WIT! The HUMOUR! The HILARITY! In the dialogue between the protagonists and the other always-interesting secondary characters making the entire reading experience…FUNFUNFUN!!

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Blood Of The Pack (Wolfgang County Book 3)

– Jenny Frame


I was looking forward to reading the third installment of Jenny Frame‘s Wolfgang County urban fantasy series, “Blood of the Pack,” so obviously when it dropped on my lap, I devoured it at no time at all! As expected, I absolutely loved everything about it, most of all, when the story took it to the majestic highlands of Scotland!!! Frame had revealed about the Scotland angle where we’d be introduced to another pack, Wulver, cousins of the Wolfgang Pack, who would play an important role in the series, and she delivered and then some! YES!!!

As mentioned, “Blood of the Pack” is the third book of the series, continuing the story of the Wolfgang pack of werewolves led by Dante, the pack’s Alpha and her mate, Eve, the Mater. Before I proceed with this story, I strongly recommend reading the series chronologically because there’s a serialised story arc that acts as a backdrop of every installment. Although, if you’re not particular about following the overall arc, then the books can be read as a standalone since every installment features a new romance between two new MCs within the Wolfgang County universe. In any case, as usual, the MCs from the previous installments made appearances in this installment, with Dante, Wolfgang’s Alpha, essentially being this story’s lead secondary character, as she should since she’s the leader of the pack after all. If you’ve read the previous books, you’ll also recognise their respective MCs – Caden and Lena, Kyra and Ripp, plus Eve, Dante’s mate, the pack’s Mater amongst a few others, as they were all part of the Wolfgang Pack linked to the overall story arc which served as a backdrop of this 3rd installment.

This book began with an intro of a new character, Kenrick (Rick), a Wulver wolf from Scotland, paying a visit to her cousin, Dante. The Wolfgangs and the Wulvers were cousins and their families had been each other’s close family and ally since the beginning. Meanwhile, Dante and her Wolfgang pack were still reeling over what happened at the end of Book 2 where Dante’s arch enemy, Leroux, the Lupa pack’s Alpha, led her pack of Lupa wolves to a full-on attack on the Wolfgang pack with deadly consequences. So whilst Dante and her Wolfgang pack regrouped and getting ready for any eventuality when it came to Leroux and her Lupa gang, Frame introduced the reader to Zaria, a Lupa who’d been running and hiding from her pack since she was 16.

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Return To Doll Island ( Book 2 – Sequel To The Curse Of Doll Island)

– by Ocean


Honestly, with THIS cover, could there BE any doubt that this one was gonna leave me panting to catch my breath after?! And that blasted doll!!! Christ, Ms. Ocean!! Now you’ve done it!! Aaargh!!

This sequel…. *ok, honestly, if you haven’t reading Book 1 “The Curse of Doll Island,” do it now before reading this or you’ll be sorely disappointed you’ve missed the crackin’ genesis of all “Return to Doll Island” is offering, not to mention, those bloody dolls!*

…. err, where was I?

Oh, this sequel, right. This one LITERALLY started right after the end of Book 1. So no time for breaks for our MCs, Rosie and Devin! Ocean has definitely hit the nail again with “Return to Doll Island,” a non-stop, heart-pounding, pulse-racing, fast-paced, mad-dash action-adventure that would suck you into the vortex of FUN, THRILLS, and WHIRLWINDS of twists and turns that went from 0 to 60 right from the first page, not to mention BUCKETS of laughter, as Rosie and Devin raced against time to redeem what they “accidentally” LOST by the end of Book 1! Oh yeah, I’m still catching my breath in my mind as I type this! What a wild and absolutely bonkers ride, indeed! And I LOVED every moment of it!!

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