The X Ingredient

– by Roslyn Sinclair


Having read Telanu’s fanfic of the same title first a while ago and had since been waiting in anticipation for its full publication because, first, “The X Ingredient” was so superbly written and told that when Telanu left me hanging at the end of the fanfic version with a promise of a full publication at a later time, I was beside myself with horror because….well, I really wanted to know what happened in the second act and Telanu spared no mercy with that cliffhanger! That was prolly 2 years ago?

As you know, Telanu is Roslyn Sinclair‘s fanfic pen name – and whilst we’re at it, I HIGHLY recommend you to go get yourself some Telanu reads because they’re simply a cut above, you’ll never realise you’re reading a fanfic piece! Her “Truth & Measure” (DWP)? Truly outstanding, one of my all-time favourite lesfic and I don’t even classify it as a fanfic, really. Top notch quality writing. Ok, ok, I’m sorry. I think I just went off-tangent here! THIS is about Ms. Sinclair’s newest book, “The X Ingredient,” the finished product of its original incomplete fanfic piece, which, technically is not, since Sinclair practically overhauled the entire DWP-inspired setting, basically scrubbing off any trace of it, toned down the level of “explicitness” (you know what I mean!) but just a little bit (no worries!), and reworked it into an office romance in a high-powered law firm with a new premise of the story. Continue reading “The X Ingredient”


The Taste Of Her (Volume 2)

– by Jess Lea


My first Jess Lea book, which was incidentally her debut published work, too, “The Taste Of Her (Volume 1),” was an experience that rarely occurred in my reading. I couldn’t evaluate her writing effectively because I was too distracted by the mammoth of a tease the book presented to me! I tried. I knew I liked her word flow and rhythm but I just couldn’t get past that “hurdle.” So, I didn’t pursue Volume 2 when it came out although it was always floating in my consciousness because of the curiosity in me. And then I read Lea’s first full-length published work, “A Curious Woman.” Needless to say, my enquiry about her writing, style, narrative, was summarily answered. Lea’s style, her keen sense of unconventionality, curiosity and creativity, evidenced in her writing and storytelling of that book, is my cuppa! So, thanks to “A Curious Woman,” which I utterly enjoyed, I decided to give this Volume a proper read, knowing that this time, I’d be able to focus, whilst hoping it wouldn’t be another tease in the world of lesbian erotica! I was absolutely thrilled that Volume 2 was completely different than Volume 1 – in style, story, effect.

Ok, Volume 2 came with five stories. Different lengths and dare I say, uniquely different, utterly unconventional, highly irregular stories of erotica! At least, I never came across anything quite like how Lea concocted them! Talk about eccentric in a very risqué way! Another observation which I reckon is prolly Lea’s theme. Age-gap. Even in “A Curious Woman,” it was an age-gap romance. So, I reckon, this particular trope is Lea’s forte and preference (?). Anyway, back to this book, shall we? Out of the five stories, two of them truly stuck out for me in virtually every way of the story construction and effect – quality and essence of the plot, the characters, the situation/circumstance – all but made me want to know more even after they ended! IMO, they could very well be expanded into full-length novels. Without further ado, here they are: Continue reading “The Taste Of Her (Volume 2)”

Arms Wide Open

– by Donna Jay


With a track record of creating original, uniquely different (than the usual cookie cutters), and always provocative stories in all her lesfic books, thusfar, including her last one, “Bitter Sweet Revenge,” a brilliantly written story that was starkly personal and emotional, which resonated deeply, I expected nothing less in Donna Jay‘s latest piece, “Arms Wide Open.” Once again, Jay has proven to be a consistent rebel with a cause in the world of lesfic writing, with yet another original and provocative relationship story with a subject matter that’s rarely talked about, let alone featured in lesbian romance.  Not only did she portray the relationship with realism, the subject matter was weaved into the psyches of the two MCs with grounding authenticity. Needless to say, the story left me totally inspired with eyes wide open in awareness, understanding, appreciation, utter satisfaction! A whole new perspective has been achieved. Truth be told, I’ve never come across anything like this extraordinarily told story in lesfic before. Bloody well done, Ms. Jay!

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The Fire

– by Nicole Pyland

I just stumbled upon Nicole Pyland‘s 2018 novel, “The Fire,” whilst browsing through my Goodreads timeline recently. Its blurb piqued my curiosity, tbh, because I’ve always been fascinated with stories evolving around past memories. Memories about unfinished business that resurface one day out of the blue in the present time. After reading some great reviews and a high rec from one of my GR mates, I just had to read it and explore Pyland’s craft. And was I immensely glad I did because I simply loved it! Everything about it, really. Pyland’s writing was brilliant and her story weaving was superb. The overall tone, word flow and feel of the story and its main characters were just right up my street!

Speaking of the story, I thought “The Fire” was original, creatively constructed and presented with the appropriate physical, emotional and psychological effects of someone suffering from chronic PTSD as a result of  a devastating childhood trauma that persisted throughout her adulthood. Furthermore, I thought Pyland aptly and mindfully handled Ripley’s (MC) process of “coming out for air” in the presence of love from its inception to the possibility of a future after years of living under the fog of her trauma. Needless to say, I was enthralled by Ripley’s journey which Pyland brilliantly depicted with every stage of the her character development and growth.

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Running From Forever (Blood Resonance Book 1)

– by K. Aten


K. Aten‘s latest outing, “Running From Forever,” the first in the “Blood Resonance” series, was the fourth genre that I encountered from her books, so far. Talk about a writer with creative pursuits spanning nearly all lesfic genres, eh? Let’s see, I’ve read her Sci-Fi, Speculative, Contemporary Romance and now Urban Fantasy books. So far, Aten has hit the nail on all of them with very creative and original stories, and I’ve enjoyed all of them, thusfar! So, after reading the “Awkward” series, “Waking the Dreamer,” “Rules of the Road,” I was very optimistic and wanted to next explore Aten’s approach in Urban Fantasy, a genre I utterly enjoy in lesbian fiction, particularly in the world of vamps and weres. Enter “Running From Forever.”

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Never Enough

– by Robyn Nyx


After reading Robyn Nyx‘s time travel saga (The Extractor Trilogy), I had to go back to her beginning, obviously, so I read her debut novel, “Never Enough.” Since I loved her writing style in the Trilogy, I had a strong feeling I’d love this book. Nothing like a writing style that captures the beating of the heart and words that flow like a rhythm, innit? Sure enough, two chapters in, me mind was made up. I shall be reading everything this new favourite author of mine churns out. End of.

I think I may have finally found me favourite McDermid/Cornwell-style of crime/thriller writing in lesfic! Yup, Nyx’s book ticks all the boxes (and then some!) that I’m looking for in this particular genre – unreservedly dark, intense, gruesome, graphic violence (non-sexual, mind!), suspenseful, thrilling. It’s the dog’s bollocks, really (for me!). But the icing on the cake that McDermid/Cornwell doesn’t have but Nyx does? Explicit, uninhibited sex and romance. In other words, the whole package. Sealed and delivered brilliantly with originality and creativity in the plot and story. Bloody hell YES!

Picture this:

Celebrity (Actor)–Journalist–Human trafficking plot–Sadistic killer–Love

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Escape To Pleasure: Lesbian Travel Erotica

– by Sandy Lowe and Victoria Villasenor (Editors)

THIS was me first anthology of 2019 and it was a doozy!! First and foremost, BRIT RYDER!!! Yes, ever since reading her debut erotic novella, “Shameless,” she had become one of me favourite authors, obvs, and I had been twiddling me thumbs waiting patiently for her next endeavour and….voila!!! What dy’a know?! Enter “Mistakes Happen” in this antho, “Escape To Pleasure!!” Yay! I must say, even with just Ryder’s story alone, I would own a copy of the antho and read the entire thing in a heartbeat! AND, the icing for this one? Discovered that another one of me favourite authors, Jeannie Levig, also had a story in this fast-becoming-an-amazing-antho-for-me book!! WHA?!! I was beside meself with utter glee, to say the least! Woohoo! Lucky me! I’ll get to Ryder and Levig’s stories in a mo but let me first disclaim that I usually don’t comment on anthologies (with the exception of one other because of one of me favourite authors included in it) and never erotica anthos, but with TWO of me faves in this particular one? Sod it, I’ll do it!

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