Bugs’ Best Lesfic Books Of 2018

This is me first time publishing me own Best Lesfic Books Of 2018. The list is based on all the lesfic books published in 2018 that I’ve read in the same year. Me Top Ten of 2018 included, obvs! Figure it out. 😉

* Me list of categories was inspired by the incomparable Goodreads reviewer’s, Lex Kent. 🙂

Disclaimer: Me choices of favourites in the following categories are mine and mine alone. The criteria of making the list was solely based on how each book affected me reading pleasure, how it moved, provoked, intrigued, challenged, motivated and inspired me mentally and emotionally. In short, books that gave me ALL. THE. FEELS. End of.

So, here goes nothing…😊

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Princess of Dorsa (The Chronicles of Dorsa Book 1)

– by Eliza Andrews


At last! We have our very own lesbianGame of Thrones in lesfic!! YES! Eliza Andrews‘ recently released “Princess of Dorsa,” Book 1 of the Chronicles of Dorsa, delivered just as Andrews promised when she announced that she’d be giving us lesfic readers our very own Game of Thrones (GoT)!! I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to beta-read an advance copy (Ta, Eliza!) and re-read the final version when it was out on Amazon….will be re-reading this, tbh! Anyway, Andrews, with her usual knack for weaving compelling stories with her brilliant writing style, gives Mr. Martin a run for his money. I was reeling after devouring it literally in one bated breath. I wanted MORE!!!

There was so much going on in this Book 1, I was beside meself with utter amazement and awe because I couldn’t believe I was actually reading about this whole universe that Andrews so richly created, inspired by GoT‘s, complete with the fabulous Empire consisting of the Four Realms (with the West being the largest most populated, and the East being the desert, strange and exotic, rich with myths and superstitions that the West and other Realms steered clear of), conquered by an Emperor from a Noble House, with Wise Men (like the Maesters in GoT) as the Empire’s influential advisers besides the military commanders. The Empire, as in GoT, obviously was always under threats of rebellion or attacks either from within the walls of the Realms or beyond its territories. So, Andrews’ Empire was ruled by the noble house, House of Dorsa. Princess Natasia aka Tasia was the daughter of its king, Emperor Andreth, future Empress-in-waiting. The Wise Men from the House of Wisdom, just like the Maesters from the Citadel in GoT, were an order of scholars, healers, messengers and scientists. I was utterly enthralled by Andrews’ vivid descriptions of the surroundings, the designs, the colours, the outfits of the different characters. They were visually stunning in me mind!

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Demon In The Machine

– by Lise MacTague


Thanks to Karin Kallmaker‘s enthusiastic plug (plus that very fetching, very cool gothic cover & excerpt revealing a ninja nerd at play!) that pushed me curiosity all the way to reading this book, my first ever by Lise MacTague is in the bag! And was I glad I read this because….WOW! Never read anything like it before! Whilst I’ve always been a big fan of the steampunk genre, my enjoyment of it was limited to films only as I never felt any inclination to read it. Until now.

Demon in a Machine,” imho, is one hell of a rousing, rip-roaring, swashbuckling Victorian-era steampunk perfection filled with heart-pounding, action-packed scenarios, and a whirlwind of an adventure! The BEST thing about this is that it’s led by TWO phenomenal female characters. One, a half-demon hiding in plain sight, and the other, a gobsmackingly gifted, creative genius (with “catlike” AND ninja moves to boot!) hiding behind her airhead socialite public persona. I instantly dubbed her a “ninja nerd” because she is, really. And curiously, me mind kept screaming, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!” as I read on. Well, it fits, particularly the steampunk feel, the outfits, the supernatural powers, the industrial-like design. I then retrained me mind to say “The League of Extraordinary GentleWOMEN!!” Yup. Briar and Isabella were a couple of gentlewomen. They were extraordinary. They fought like heroes. They were heroes. Superheroes. In my book.

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Lesbian “Game of Thrones” aka “Princess of Dorsa” (Yet to be Published)

– by Eliza Andrews

You know, I’ve been blessed recently with the discovery of some unbelievably talented indie lesfic authors whom I would have never known about had it not been for either recommendations from some FB group members that turned out to be me cuppa tea or from me own accidental discovery.

Eliza Andrews is the latest recommended indie lesbian author (by fellow Lesfic Indie Style group member, Evelyn Smith. Cheers, mate!), who grabbed me attention with this line: “GoT…with lesbians” and 👇 link…


I mean, as a HUGE GoT fan and a lesbian, I naturally felt it was me solemn duty to click on the “alluring” link, just to find out what Andrews meant by LESBIANGame of Thrones,” obvs! 😏 Uhh…let’s just say, I was thoroughly satisfied! 😏 Well played, Evelyn, well played! *slow clap*

Now, I’d never heard of Andrews before, let alone read anything of hers, so I didn’t know how her writing and style would fit with what I always look for in lesfic/genfic. Needless to say, intrigued was an understatement. After reading all 9 brilliantly written draft chapters of the lesbian GoT entitled, “Princess of Dorsa,” Book One of the planned “Chronicles of Dorsa” series, I was HOOKED. I really enjoyed her writing style, language and plot structure. Her description of the surroundings were vivid and sound. The slew of characters she introduced piqued me curiosity to no end! I already love the main characters – Tasia (Princess of Dorsa), Emperor of Dorsa’s eldest child and heir to the throne, and Roslyn, the moody, quiet warrior, assigned to protect Tasia, a job she never asked for, a bodyguard Tasia never wanted.  So, the natural order? Sparks. Fly. Temper. Flares. Ohhh…the verbal jabs between these two! Simply DEELISH!!

As for the plot and the universe created, Andrews has everything in place perfectly. The geographical areas, the relevant Houses, Wise Men (like Maesters), various groups that may or may not be the Empire’s allies, wars, politics, conspiracies, etc. Even a MAP showing the entire geography of the Empire is already in situ. Rough draft for now but does the job. They’re all there for readers like me to explore and so much more, me reckons!  I can only imagine how much more fun it’s going to be when the full-length novel is out! My ultimate excitement is obviously the fact that we’re going to get our very own “Game of Thrones” headed by LESBIANS!!!!! YAY!

So, if you’re a fan of GoT’s who happen to be a lesbian, or have been wishing (like I have!) there were a lesbian GoT to read and enjoy, then this may be your cuppa! Just go to Andrews’ site and read the draft chapters. See if you like it. Per Andrews, the final version will be slightly different than the drafts because of story edits and what not (obvs!). But the drafts at least give us an idea of what the story’s general direction is going to be, the characters, the situations, the intro of various potential plots or diversion, etc. Anyway, the book will be published and released sometime soon (hopefully!). I’m literally CHUFFED to bits, to put it mildly!

Anyway, here’s the link to “Princess of Dorsa” with Andrews’ WIP chapter releases…[x]

Mother Of Souls (Alpennia Series Book #3)

– Heather Rose Jones

Finished the final installment of Heather Rose Jones’ Alpennia Series, “Mother of Souls.” In this installment, I got to find out more about Serafina, whom I met in the 2nd installment, “Mystic Marriage,” my favourite book in the series! I was looking forward to finding out about her African roots, how her mystical powers would manifest. There were a couple of surprises in her back story and current status, which I didn’t expect.

Its a well-written story that weaved around Serafina’s determination to learn how to perform magic/mystical powers that she was only able to see and identify – visions. She tried very hard to learn from Margerit and her circle of mystical scholars to no avail when she ended up feeling alone, didn’t belong, an outsider really, in addition to being seen as an outcast already because of her race. No matter how hard she tried to turn her visions into action, she just couldn’t conjure up anything. Also, she realised, to her dismay, that she also lacked in verbalising her visions satisfactorily. Then she met Luzie, whom she was lodging from. Luzie, a widow with 2 kids, was a music teacher and an aspiring composer. Serafina realised Luzie’s incredible musical talents one day whilst listening to her playing the piano. Not only was Luzie talented, her music conjured up amazing mystical powers that Serafina sensed right away as Luzie played her composed music, so powerful that Serafina believed it could rival the Mysteries and magic powers in Alpennia!

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The Mystic Marriage (Alpennia Series Book #2)

– by Heather Rose Jones

This second installment of Heather Rose Jones‘ brilliant Alpennia series was another wonderfully crafted story for me! I was very excited to read this installment particularly because it was going to be about Antuniet! I was captivated by her mysterious persona since her introduction in Book 1 “Daughter Of Mystery.” I was so happy that HRJ told her story in this one.

Whereas Book 1 had more action (because of Barbara’s profession and her quest to find out about her past and settle her family’s debts), and celebratory intrigue (Margerit’s discovery of her magical skills), “The Mystic Marriage” was more internal, quieter, with darker thrills involving cynical plots. It delved into the inner sanctum of alchemy and all its technical properties and characteristics as performed by Antuniet, who seemed to be a natural talent as a very proficient alchemist. Whereas Book 1 dealt with the spiritual side of magic aka miracles, mysteries, Book 2 dealt with the scientific side of magic aka alchemy. The contrast and similarities of these two practices are FASCINATING to read and discover!

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