– by Cari Hunter



I was really looking forward to reading new material from Cari Hunter since “Alias,” which was utterly brilliant, btw! *Psst! If you haven’t read it yet, READ IT!* Anyway, so when “Breathe” dropped on my lap, I devoured it. In no time at all. Honest. I was taken aback when I reached the end page. Whaa?! Anyway, I just knew it was going to be a blast because Hunter has a knack for developing a captivating story that starts off with unassuming characters and their routine work settings but quickly captures your attention and intrigue with her addicting storytelling style, conversational dialogue that immediately sucks you into the world of her MCs. No exception in this story about Jem and Rosie, two unlikely souls who were hit by Cupid’s arrow out of the blue at the most inopportune time and place! And then the adventure began, with more and more compelling build-up to the story involving their friendship, collaboration, to eventually an accidental case, whilst the development of their characters and their relationship slowly climbed up a notch at every turn until the tipping point at the end. BREATHE.

I was intrigued by the title of the book, “Breathe,” alongside a loaded V Fib (ventricular fibrillation) ECG reading on the cover below the word. I was immediately mesmerised! I knew it would be symbolic, not just about Jem’s asthma but Jem and Rosie’s relationship, their lives, their crossroads, the catalyst that propelled them to their ultimate, well-deserved ending. In essence, I pictured Jem and Rosie’s story in ECG terms, pulsating as situations changed from normal to intensity back to normal in their journey towards love. Sinus. V Fib. Extrasystole. Sinus.


Just Breathe.

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Gallows Humor

– by Carolyn Elizabeth

As soon as I read Carolyn Elizabeth‘s very creative limerick as her debut book promo plug, I knew I simply had to find out more about “Gallows Humor.” And after reading an excerpt on Bella Books, my assumption was correct about Elizabeth’s skill as a writer and a storyteller. What caught my attention as I breezed through the excerpt was the fact that the main protagonist, Corey, was a medical examiner – a profession that I’ve always been fascinated with, particularly all the medical and technical methodology involved in dissecting and examining the human anatomy, post-mortem, in order to determine cause of death. I must say, I thought of Rad’s “Heart Stop,” the only other lesfic book I’d read that featured an ME. But the similarity ended there. And then, there was the other main protagonist, Thayer, an ER fellow. What made her a bit different than the other romantic interests in medical romance, at least with the impression I had just by reading the excerpt, which also made me exceedingly curious about her, was how Elizabeth was alluding to the way the romance was gonna be told. So, obviously, I had to read the book! So glad I did!!

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Major Surgery

– by Lola Keeley

Lola Keeley‘s “Major Surgery” gave me every single thing that I love about medicine! First and foremost, it’s BRITISH!!! Finally!! Someone finally wrote a pure British medical romance with every medical term, jargon, procedure, protocol, every service department used, all called by their British terminology! I literally felt all tingly inside as I explored every page of this book, feeling this sense of, “Ah, I’m on familiar grounds now!” It was like seeing an old friend again after a long absence! So, thank you, Ms. Keeley, for making this happen! I do hope more authors would write British medical romances, though. Oh well, reckon the American medical lingo is more popular (even though most of the world use the British terms! Hey ho.). But, I, for one, am very grateful and appreciative about this book catered to the British health system. And one more thing I must mention about Keeley’s quality of work. Two books in, I can now rest assured that her commitment to doing proper research for her work is tops! The ins and outs of a profession as intricate as ballet in her debut novel and now medicine! And let’s not forget her exceptional writing quality! Brilliant!

Back to Keeley’s story, well, the first page, alone, had my full attention and intrigue with an explosive opening scene involving Dr. Cassie Travers, one of the two main protagonists. Let’s just say that Cassie entered the scene with, not to put too fine a point on it, guns blazing! Talk about a dramatic and intense intro! Almost like a bank hold-up situation with many people surrounding the action! The opening scene, I thought, was brilliantly written and totally effective! Now, THAT’s what I call making a GRAND entrance that made an unforgettable impression! Most of all, that was how Cassie Travers and Veronica Mallick met! As first meetings go, I’d say theirs was one of the most thrilling introductions I’ve come across in a lesbian romance yet! You simply have to read it to feel that sense of shock and excitement!

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Tricky Series (Books 1 & 2)

– by Camryn Eyde


*This commentary applies to the entire Tricky series
(thusfar, with I believe, the 3rd and final installment yet to be released)
including Book 1 “Tricky Wisdom” and Book 2 “Tricky Chances.”

I’m ashamed to say that I had Camryn Eyde‘s Tricky series on me TBR list for a while and actually managed to forget about it until very recently. Thanks to Sheena from TLR who happened to organise a book club read of Eyde’s first book of the series, “Tricky Wisdom,” that instantly kicked me arse into action about reading the series! I’d previously read a couple of Eyde’s shorts a while ago but never her full-length, which was when I had placed the Tricky series on me TBR list in the first place after her shorts. Long story short, I had breezed through both installments back-to-back, never wanting to put them down, whilst berating meself for me forgetfulness in reading them much earlier on! But hey, better late than never, eh?

Now, let’s crack on, shall we?

Camryn Eyde’s Tricky series, “Tricky Wisdom” (Book 1) and “Tricky Chances” (Book 2), essentially is a series that chronicled the personal voyage of one medical student, Darcy Wright, through her eyes and point-of-view as she stumbled her way through medical training in Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, whilst also getting her previously non-existent love life all bent out of shape by being entangled with her roomie and her best mate! Yeh, Darcy’s life was definitely interesting!

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Bugs’ Best Lesfic Books Of 2018

This is me first time publishing me own Best Lesfic Books Of 2018. The list is based on all the lesfic books published in 2018 that I’ve read in the same year. Me Top Ten of 2018 included, obvs! Figure it out. 😉

* Me list of categories was inspired by the incomparable Goodreads reviewer’s, Lex Kent. 🙂

Disclaimer: Me choices of favourites in the following categories are mine and mine alone. The criteria of making the list was solely based on how each book affected me reading pleasure, how it moved, provoked, intrigued, challenged, motivated and inspired me mentally and emotionally. In short, books that gave me ALL. THE. FEELS. End of.

So, here goes nothing…😊

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Passionate Rivals

– by Radclyffe


Radclyffe‘s new medical romance series, formerly called “ER Romance,” has a new name. The series is to be set in Philadelphia Medical Center (PMC), hence, the new series name, “PMC Hospital Romance,” which if you’ve read Rad’s “ER Romance” series, you’d remember “Fated Love” (first in the series) with Honor & Quinn practising ER/Trauma at the PMC. So it makes sense for the series’ name change, obvs. Also, in commemorating the “rebirth” of the series, the beloved couple, Honor and Quinn, would be re-introduced in the subsequent installments of the series, starting from Rad’s latest, “Passionate Rivals,” the 4th book. Like Rad’s other serials, we will definitely be reading about characters and couples from the series’ previous books as well as a new cast of characters and romantic couplings in each installment, as observed in this latest one.

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