Body of Work

– by Charlotte Mills


Charlotte Mills’ latest outing, “Body of Work,” was a combination of a second-chance romance with a touch of mystery built around it. The story also dealt with a myriad of emotional and psychological issues, namely, grief, depression, loss, childhood trauma and mental instability. After having read all of Mill’s books since her debut, “Unlikely Places,” and her last one, “Payback,” which became one of my favourite crime/mystery/romance books, had effectively sealed her as one lesfic author to watch out for. I’ve enjoyed her writing style and stories which almost always have some twists along the way. So I was looking forward to what was up her sleeve with this new story of hers. Reading the blurb got me excited about exploring the story especially how Mills would weave the intriguing mystery into the main arc. As I expected, Mills didn’t disappoint because all throughout the story, she made you feel like at any given moment, something would pop out revealing something about the mystery!

I loved that Mills started the book with a prologue that was a flashback from the present time. 1987. Immediately it hit my sense of curiosity. Right off the bat, Mills set up what would become the backdrop of the main arc all throughout the book. The case of a mysterious disappearance of the main character’s elder brother, a late teen, who was not only her sibling but also her close mate. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance were pure mystery. One moment he was just going out to his bestie’s house, the next, poof, he was gone! Missing and never found despite attempts from the police force to locate him. Then in a blink of an eye, 30+ years had passed. That’s when the main story began…

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–  by Eden Darry


After reading and thoroughly enjoying Eden Darry’s debut published novel, “The House,” I was looking forward to reading her sophomore effort, “Vanished.” Although after reading its blurb, I realised that it wasn’t going to be a horror story, rather, a speculative fiction, more like. I was intrigued to see how Darry weaved an apocalyptic/dystopia story, even though this particular sub-genre of spec fic isn’t my usual cuppa.

In the first few pages, I realised that this “end-of-the-world” story was going to have a heavy religious connotation throughout. Two words: NOAH’S ARK. Even if you’re not from the Christian/Muslim/Jewish persuasion, I’m sure you’ve heard about it since it’s been so mainstreamed already. Anyway, Darry started off the book with a huge storm and then a massively blinding white light descending upon the MCs (and the rest of the world), which caused the vanishing of just about everyone overnight! Well, except for the select (“chosen”) few including Ellery and Loveday, the 2 MCs, along with their pet dog and cat.

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21 Weeks Series (Weeks 1-7, 8-14, 15-21)

– by R.A. LaShea


*This commentary applies to all 3 installments of “21 Weeks”
(Weeks 1-7, 8-14 & 15-21)*


How do you catch a perfect killer?

R.A. LaShea‘s tour de force of a serial crime saga, “21 Weeks” that spanned out in 3 7-week installments, is prolly the best constructed and executed crime procedural series I’ve ever read in any fic yet! Thanks to an enthusiastic recommendation from one of my GR mates (Cheers, Farah!), I grabbed a copy and never looked back! My goodness! It was like watching the entire case on-screen! So meticulous. So methodical. So absorbing and addictive. In fact, LaShea’s design of the entire case is so ready to be adapted from book-to-screen. imho! “21 Weeks” is truly one of the most original serial crimes created, what with the types of killings constructed and the methodology of solving it.

First off, I was immediately drawn to the aesthetic structure of LaShea’s presentation of her story – dividing it into weeks. Reminded me of the TV series, “24,” but instead of every episode representing one hour, this one was by week. And in each week, starting from “Week 1,” the story began with the day, the location and the time, reminiscent of the TV series, “Law & Order.” With this technique, I discovered that my brain was processing my reading of each Week as if it were a week instead of my usual reading time of x minutes to finish a chapter (Week). In essence, the constant display of the day and time on the pages tricked my brain into slowing down the reading time lapse to match LaShea’s. I can’t explain it any other way, so if you think I’m bonkers, maybe I am! Ignore this! Anyway, it literally brought Beck and Co.’s entire investigation of each homicide to life, for me, making my experience much more acute! In addition to this effective structure of presentation, one of the best bits was that I felt like LaShea gave me, the reader, the opportunity to work through and determine the killer’s modus operandi myself rather than spoon-feeding me, you know? Simply brilliant!

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– by Charlotte Greene


Once again, it was solely the book cover that lured me to read the story. When a cover is spellbindingly aesthetic and subversively revealing, I avoid the book’s blurb because I want to experience the story organically based on my supposition of what the cover and/or the title has revealed to my imagination. THIS cover of Charlotte Greene‘s latest lesfic horror/supernatural story, “Legacy,” with a compelling romance, literally held me captive. It’s the well. The. Bloody. Well.  I always had this strange fascination with the well. Perhaps because of what it represents (to me): the abyss of hidden secrets, dark mysteries, lost time, trapped past. So the sight of a well on this cover was like a calling….an ominously eerie calling for my attention. With the cabin looking on from afar like it was scared of the unassumingly imposing well, not to mention, its intimidating title towering over its insidious mouth, my resolve to devour this book was sealed good and proper. I trusted my instincts that its story would give me the kind of satisfaction that I always crave for when reading. In particular, stories in the horror/paranormal/supernatural genre, because of my unusually high expectations and selective pickiness. I don’t usually read books solely based on their covers but the few times that I did, they all came up on top, believe it or not. No exception with this one. Yay to intuition!

Needless to say, the cover and the title did its job and then some in personifying the nature and intent of the story. “Legacy” was utterly brilliant! For me, it was one of the most arresting, richly multi-layered, spine-tingling, bone-chilling horror/supernatural stories ever written and I’m proud to place this as one of my favourites in the genre, lesfic or otherwise. The tone, the rhythmic flow and design of Greene’s dark, hair-raising nightmare of a tale was reminiscent of Henry James’ “The Turn Of The Screw,” Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep,” mixed with the visual shudder of “The Ring,” “Amityville Horror,” and “Cabin In The Woods,” all of which are on my favourite horror “proverbial” book/blu-ray shelf. But the icing on the cake for me was what “Legacy” had that these aforementioned books/movies didn’t…. LESBIANS! To top it off, it also featured a prominent lesbian romance that Greene ever-so nonchalantly weaved into the story amidst all the otherworldly ruckus throughout the entire journey! To say that I was utterly satisfied and satiated after devouring this book is an understatement. Naturally, I shall be revisiting the cabin, the well, the woods, the fascinating cast of characters, particularly the primary MCs and the “shadow” MCs…yeh, you have to read it to gauge who I’m talking about!

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– by Cari Hunter



I was really looking forward to reading new material from Cari Hunter since “Alias,” which was utterly brilliant, btw! *Psst! If you haven’t read it yet, READ IT!* Anyway, so when “Breathe” dropped on my lap, I devoured it. In no time at all. Honest. I was taken aback when I reached the end page. Whaa?! Anyway, I just knew it was going to be a blast because Hunter has a knack for developing a captivating story that starts off with unassuming characters and their routine work settings but quickly captures your attention and intrigue with her addicting storytelling style, conversational dialogue that immediately sucks you into the world of her MCs. No exception in this story about Jem and Rosie, two unlikely souls who were hit by Cupid’s arrow out of the blue at the most inopportune time and place! And then the adventure began, with more and more compelling build-up to the story involving their friendship, collaboration, to eventually an accidental case, whilst the development of their characters and their relationship slowly climbed up a notch at every turn until the tipping point at the end. BREATHE.

I was intrigued by the title of the book, “Breathe,” alongside a loaded V Fib (ventricular fibrillation) ECG reading on the cover below the word. I was immediately mesmerised! I knew it would be symbolic, not just about Jem’s asthma but Jem and Rosie’s relationship, their lives, their crossroads, the catalyst that propelled them to their ultimate, well-deserved ending. In essence, I pictured Jem and Rosie’s story in ECG terms, pulsating as situations changed from normal to intensity back to normal in their journey towards love. Sinus. V Fib. Extrasystole. Sinus.


Just Breathe.

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– by Tammy Bird


One word. Sandman. On the book cover. The text almost translucent, as if trying to hide in plain sight with its colour melding into the sandy beach with an ominous-looking sky looming above the troubled waters.

What is Sandman?

When I first heard about Tammy Bird‘s debut novel, “Sandman,” I was immediately curious. First, the cryptic title, which set my mind whirling trying to ascertain its meaning or symbolism. The aesthetically unsettling cover closed the deal for me. SOLD.

Then, the fact that the revealed plot from the blurb was twofold – a search-and-rescue effort post-hurricane and what was lurking in the sand dunes. I thought that was a fascinating approach to writing in the crime thriller genre in lesfic. Needless to say, I utterly enjoyed the story as a whole. I was glad to discover that there were more than met the eye, beyond the twofold-plotline blurb! Truth be told, I actually didn’t read the blurb before I read the book because I was so intrigued by the title that I wanted to find out for myself including what the case would entail. I must say, I was surprised when I went back to read the blurb afterwards when I saw the revelation of the title’s meaning! I wish the blurb didn’t mention that, though. Oh well, it didn’t affect me because, thank goodness, I didn’t read the blurb before delving into a book this time!

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Deadeye (Luce Hansen Thriller Book 3)

– by Meredith Doench


After having read Books 1 and 2 of Meredith Doench‘s utterly engaging “Luce Hansen Thriller” crime series, which I thoroughly enjoyed, obviously I HAD to read its 3rd installment, “Deadeye!” Speaking of Doench, it was thanks to Jeannie Levig who first recommended her series to me when we talked about dark lesfic crime thrillers. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known and would’ve missed an opportunity to explore Doench’s brilliant crime writing style and plot weaving in lesfic! For me, her style is reminiscent of James Patterson and Thomas Harris’, which is my cuppa tea. Needless to say, Doench’s 3rd installment continued to showcase her crime/thriller writing skills in crafting yet another intriguing case, not to mention, her insights into the ongoing development of Hansen’s emotional and psychological journey as she continued her efforts to juggle her work with her personal life better this time. One swift read later, yup, this one’s my favourite installment of the series, yet.

Obviously, I have to comment on the captivating book cover! Feast thy eyes: A scope target. Fixed on a Celtic cross. Red all over. Interpretation: Danger. Insidious. Deadly. Sniper. That’s the story. Right there. Staring at me. Who wouldn’t be curious? Well, I was! And as I explored the story, I was immediately struck by its symbolism. Well done!

Because Doench also included Hansen’s private life which she first developed in “Crossed” (Book 1), continued growing in “Forsaken Trust” (Book 2), including her romantic relationships/entanglements, there was no reason she wouldn’t further advance Hansen’s relationship with her current partner, Bennett (first introduced in “Forsaken” not merely as Hansen’s love interest but played a major role in investigating and solving the featured case), in this installment. So, even though, like other crime serials, the Luce Hansen series is a procedural, meaning each installment can be read as a stand-alone, I’d personally advise readers who haven’t read the previous two books, to do so, IF you’re also interested in the chronological development of Hansen’s private life besides the case-of-the-week plot.

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