Leading The Witness

– by Carsen Taite


When Carsen Taite releases a book especially when it’s something to do with US criminal law/legal matters, I get very excited because as you may know, Taite’s my official go-to author for all things US criminal law-related. I love all her law-related books because I can always feel this sense of authenticity, the level of detail and knowledge that Taite innately injects into her stories. I love authors who use their other professional expertise to validate and substantiate the realism of the cases/plots weaved. For me, it makes for a better, more convincing, more informed read when I believe in what’s being written and told. But that’s just me, so…!

Anyway, back to Taite’s latest legal romance outing, “Leading the Witness,” which I read it in one short sitting. First off, I was already intrigued by what the blurb revealed about the story, the plot and the MCs. A seasoned prosecutor, a zealous defence attorney hellbent on grilling law enforcement witnesses in all her cases (aka a chip on her shoulder but as a result of very legitimate reasons which readers will get to discover as the story progressed), two attorneys with opposing methodologies in trying criminal cases, a high profile child kidnap case, an old equally high-profile child kidnap case resurfacing that was related to one of the MCs, not to mention, both MCs butting heads in every step of the way whilst also being attracted to each other! Intriguing, innit? But then, as I started reading it, I must say, how this story unfolded from the start was an unexpected one for me because going into the story, mindful of what the blurb alluded to in regard to the plot, I was prepared for what I thought would be Taite’s usual writing structure and storytelling style. Alas, it wasn’t and my intrigue level increased exponentially! For me, this was not the usual style that Taite uses in her writing and story-weaving of a crime-and-law-related plot and romance.

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Fire & Ice

– by Rachel Spangler


When I first found out that Rachel Spangler wrote another sports romance, only this time, it’s about a sport that I don’t think I’ve ever come across in lesfic – CURLING (!!!!) – I was like, “Whaa?!” That, in and of itself, thrilled me to no end because, firstly, it’s a sport that no one has written about in a lesbian romance, and secondly, I’ve been intrigued by curling since discovering the sport whilst watching the Olympics coverage a few years ago. My prior prejudice, prejudgement, presumptions about the sport went out the window upon discovering that there was so much strategy in the game! Like chess! Such complicated scoring criteria, too! Curling was definitely much harder than it looked! At the end of watching the entire match for the first time, I was aghast at the level of quiet competitiveness and stress, and had to admit that it was an intricately charming sport that I could easily get sucked into! *So I could relate to Max (one of the story’s MCs)’s initial scoffing of the sport! 

In this sports romance, Spangler truly characterised and epitomised the sport of curling with rigour as I learned so much about it with all the details that she weaved into the story – terms, tactics, scores, movements, strategy plays, the hard work, sports coverage. What better to tell a story about curling than having the skipper (leader) of a small town curling team and a seasoned sports reporter who was recently relegated to the bottom pit in the world of sports reporting because of a huge scandal and steadfastly reluctant to be assigned to do a coverage on an unknown curling team in a small town. Bam, that’s Spangler’s story right there with all the intricacies, conflict, and other intriguing ingredients for a well-told and written slow-burn romance between two ambitious professionals from either side of the sport’s world. An athlete and a reporter.

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The Long Shot

– by A.L. Brooks


When I heard that A. L. Brooks was going to release a book about women’s professional golf, I was intrigued even though I have zero knowledge about the sport except if you wanna count my Wii experience with it! Well, at least I was familiar with a few golf terms, i.e. birdie, par, bogey, fairway, the usual basics. Anyway, “The Long Shot” was a delightful read for me. I never read any golf-related lesbian romance before this so it was a delightful as much as an educational read for me. As usual, Brooks crafted a compelling age-gap, slow-burn love story with the professional golf environment as the backdrop.

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Bugs’ Best Lesfic Books Of 2018

This is me first time publishing me own Best Lesfic Books Of 2018. The list is based on all the lesfic books published in 2018 that I’ve read in the same year. Me Top Ten of 2018 included, obvs! Figure it out. 😉

* Me list of categories was inspired by the incomparable Goodreads reviewer’s, Lex Kent. 🙂

Disclaimer: Me choices of favourites in the following categories are mine and mine alone. The criteria of making the list was solely based on how each book affected me reading pleasure, how it moved, provoked, intrigued, challenged, motivated and inspired me mentally and emotionally. In short, books that gave me ALL. THE. FEELS. End of.

So, here goes nothing…😊

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Love All

– by Rachel Spangler


**I won a free copy of Rachel Spangler‘s latest “Love All” (WOT?!) thanks to Lesbian Fiction Group by Les Reveur on FB! I apparently won in a competition recently, yay! Lucky me! Many thanks, Salem West (Bywater Books) for letting me choose and Rachael Byrne for picking lil’ ol me!! Still chuffed to bits about it!**

I absolutely ENJOYED Spangler’s “Love All“. Honestly, can’t say enough about her writing style and storytelling! I literally devoured it in no time at all, tbh!! Oh, the drama, the angst, the emotions, the heart-tugging moments, the humour, the dialogue… All of it! As usual, Spangler’s words and expressions will literally evoke all the feelings and emotions that your heart and mind can muster. Yet another utterly compelling story she’s brilliantly created, this time, in the world of professional tennis. Specifically, a behind-the-scenes story surrounding an up-and-coming teen tennis player who just turned pro at 17, her mum, and a veteran tennis singles and doubles pro who recently returned to the circuit after years of hiding from her past as a last-ditch attempt at a career comeback. Being a tennis fan meself, I was obviously very excited to uncover Spangler’s story angle surrounding the professional tennis circuit especially when it came to the off- and on-court relationships amongst players and their peers, their families. I’ve only read 2 other tennis-orientated lesfic books previously with different story angles which I totally enjoyed and loved.  “Love All,” to my utter delight, delved into yet another different aspect of telling a love story set in the tennis circuit.

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Love’s Verdict

– by Carsen Taite

Love's Verdict

Carsen Taite‘s latest legal romance/drama, “Love’s Verdict,” is one of her best, really. Definitely one of me favourites of hers. Great premise, the case was engaging – sports related (reminds me of OJ!). I love the back-and-forth between the 2 MCs, Carly and Landon, the former being the aloof, by-the-book one, whereas the latter was the complete opposite, which made their clashes even more exciting to read! Their dialogue was brilliant and their chemistry build-up was weaved organically. I love me a good slow-burn, especially when it’s between two women who start off as rivals/enemies! Makes the sparks more irresistible and when the union occurs eventually, it makes their romantic development and growth so much more worthwhile and grounded! Good things always come to those who wait, innit? 😉

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Anika Takes The Long Way Home Up Soul Mountain (Rosemont Duology Book 2)

– by Eliza Andrews


First off, the title. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a fic with a title that long…! And I LOVE IT!!! Gotta hand it to Eliza Andrews‘ style, though. Even her title is conversational!!! And then there’s…..

The DeLOREAN?!?!??!?!
Back to the Future??!?!!?!
Marty McFly?!?!?!??!
As a collective character in the book?!?!?!?!?


All of a sudden, me mind immediately unlocked one of me childhood memories labeled, “Back to the Future,” and instantly the DeLorean came screeching out ready to take another spin….to memory lane!! Ahhhh….memories…one of Andrews’ themes! What a bloody INGENIOUS idea to use “BttF“‘s time-travelling concept and turn it into a prominent character in the book! Andrews, you’ve outdone yourself yet! Well done!

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