Going Up

– by A.E. Radley

Honestly, I feel like A.E. Radley can go no wrong lately with her writing and storytelling, churning out hit after hit that have delighted, warmed and thrilled my heart and mind! Her latest, “Going Up,” was no exception! In fact, I was positively enthralled just by the title of the first chapter, “The Suited Idiot,” alone! I mean, COME ON!!! Who wouldn’t be desperately curious to find out just who the suited idiot was and why they’d garner such an abrasive reference, eh? See, that’s one of the reasons I utterly adore and revere Radley’s writing – her endless wit and dry humour, her vernacular always leave me devouring her stories at not time at all! In other words, her narrative style and storytelling are just my cuppa tea!

Back to this book, it has one of my all-time favourite lesfic tropes – ICE QUEEN. Except in Radley’s case, her ice queen named Selina, was a little different than those I’ve come across in lesfic, thusfar. Continue reading “Going Up”

Second Chances

– by A.E. Radley


Another GEM from A.E. Radley! “Second Chances” is a resounding MUST-READ! I couldn’t put it down. I made a mistake (or maybe not depending on how one looks at it!) of starting my read whilst I was knee-deep in work bollocks. Alas, I was so engrossed in the book and the story, my day job was summarily abandoned, if only for a few hours. Oh, sod it! I was singularly focussed on Rosie, Alice and Hannah!

This story wasn’t a typical age-gap romance. Not at all. And this superbly crafted and weaved story is testament to that. I’ve never read anything like it at all, not under the age-gap romance trope. In fact, this story transcended age. It’s just a number, innit? Read it and judge for yourself.  I must admit the effects of exploring and experiencing the story about a young single mother doing her absolute best to provide for her 5-year-old gifted child whilst trying to make ends meet and a very observant and eager primary school (Year 1) teacher trying to help provide the best possible ways to foster the child’s astonishingly high level of intelligence way beyond her age, have made a mark in my mind. A truly marvellous story written and told with reverberating effect. One with a lasting, memorable impression that I won’t ever forget. Thank you, Ms. Radley!

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