Spinning Tales

– by Brey Willows


Brey Willows‘ latest, “Spinning Tales,” was a bag of sorts….the fairy tale kind. Before reading it, I was told that the story would be about a fairy tale amongst fairy tales. Didn’t have to be convinced much with that description, mind! So, when I received me copy, I was ready to set out on me journey to experience Willows’ land of wonders…fairy tale wonders. So…. Well, as Cypher famously said, “Buckle up, Dorothy, cause Kansas is going bye-bye!” And down the rabbit hole I went!

First off, let me get this out of me chest…. Brey Willows does FUNNY, too! Wicked! I mean, I was chuckling the whole time I was reading the early chapters and then throughout where I found meself chuckling again! I loved Maggie’s hilarious inner thoughts. Her constant confusion about her mates’ colloquialism, always settling on her own assumptions or even just dismissing it rather than asking for an explanation, hence, saving herself from embarrassment! LOL! And then, those “Want Ads!!” Original! Brilliant! Speaking of, besides them sounding a bit mad and amusing, they also kept me on me toes the whole time because I couldn’t stop wondering….! And just so you know, Maggie’s cat also kept me wondering… So, well done, Willows!

And before I move on any further into the story, who can forget the end of the Prologue, eh? Well, I bloody can’t! I mean, when I read the last passage, I was like…”Whaaa?!” No way! Totally didn’t expect THAT! You got me there, Ms. Willows! Brilliant!

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– by Anna Burke

A holiday gift surprise fell onto me lap whilst I was on holiday, courtesy of the very kind and generous Salem West of Bywater Books! (Ta, mate!) Yes, it was in the form of a book (me fav form!)!

Thorn” by Anna Burke.

Never read anything by this author ever before.

Wow. To say the book captivated me was an understatement. I was hooked, lined and sinkered. From the first paragraph. Literally.

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– by Susan X Meagher

**I won a free copy of Susan X. Meagher‘s GCLS goldie-winning “Vacationland” from Brisk Press (thank you!) & cheers, Rachael Byrne, for picking lil’ ol’ me as one of the lucky winners on your FB group!**

I must say, I’ve only ever read one book from Susan X. Meagher, “All That Matters,” previously. It was exceptionally well-written with one of the most fleshed out character development and stories that I ever read in fiction, in general. It was very compelling and I liked it. *Alas, it was not me cuppa tea because of the intimate M/F scenes (which I didn’t know when I picked up the book; had a hard time trying to skip those pages but I did) and I’m generally not a fan of “toaster oven”-type lesfic stories where the straight relationship is featured and takes up a portion of the book.*

Anyway…..that’s definitely NOT the case in this book, “Vacationland!” YAY!! Both protagonists, Sunny and Devin, were openly gay from the get-go. So there wasn’t any toaster-oven-type kind of situation. Phew! I was decidedly pleased and got into the story right away. Continue reading “Vacationland”


– by A.E. Radley


A.E. Radley‘s latest Lammy win brought me attention to her, so obviously I looked into her work and am I glad I did!! Obviously, I HAD to read “Huntress” first since it was the one that got the award. OMG. I. LOVED. IT. SO. MUCH. I. CAN’T. EVEN.

First off, “Huntress” is an absolutely fantastic screwball comedy. That said, it has many other facets in it that could also be classified in other genres, which makes this book oh-so original, creative, exceptionally entertaining and will leave you wanting more because Radley’s stupendous writing and storytelling just makes your heart leap with joy, excitement, anticipation, thrills as you read on until the end! A combination of screwball, slapstick, buddy comedy, action, crime, mystery, conspiracy, thriller, with a pinch of romantic potentiality (depending on which angle you’re looking from! 😏) Frankly speaking, I’ve never read anything like this before! It’s now one of me lesfic favourites! No wonder it won the Lammys this year in 2018!

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Lucky 7

– by Rae D Magdon


Wow. Have you read Rae D Magdon‘s latest creation, “Lucky 7?” I’m glad I decided to push this To-Read book to the top of me list and went for it! Whoa, double WOW!! Needless to say, I finished it in a flash, so to speak! A TRUE GEM, in me book, really!

First off, “Lucky 7” prolly has THE most racially and sexually diverse cast of characters ever written in fiction, let alone lesfic! Non-Caucasian lesbian, bi, trans, non-binary cast of primary and secondary characters. Can’t get any better than that, can it? So refreshing! I love the title. How symbolic and meaningful once I read the book! And then, the topics …virtual reality, artificial intelligence/superintelligence, clones (all me favourite science/tech topics, mind!)….what consisted in these big science/tech topics featured in this book is inevitably going to be sci-fact very soon, me reckons – consciousness uploads, downloads, jacking in and out of systems via the brain, ASI, singularity. It’s just a matter of time, really. Reading this immediately transported me back to “The Matrix,” but in written words….words so incredibly vivid and expressive and affecting.

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– by Kris Bryant

I was really looking forward to reading Kris Bryant‘s latest novel and I was elated when I finally got me hands on it!

Reading “Breatkthrough” immediately reminded me of my favourite Bryant book, “Forget Me Not.” Both set in remote places with an exotic feel. Whereas Ireland (one of my favourite places!) gave me a sense of peace & tranquility in the beautiful, serene landscapes, foothills, glorious rain showers, wet weather, as written so eloquently by Bryant; Alaska, with its majestically vast lands, lilywhite snow, exotic wildlife, rustic woods as explicitly described in this book, gave me a curiously calming feel in the midst of isolation, away from the usual hustle and bustle of the city. Sublime!

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