–  by Eden Darry


After reading and thoroughly enjoying Eden Darry’s debut published novel, “The House,” I was looking forward to reading her sophomore effort, “Vanished.” Although after reading its blurb, I realised that it wasn’t going to be a horror story, rather, a speculative fiction, more like. I was intrigued to see how Darry weaved an apocalyptic/dystopia story, even though this particular sub-genre of spec fic isn’t my usual cuppa.

In the first few pages, I realised that this “end-of-the-world” story was going to have a heavy religious connotation throughout. Two words: NOAH’S ARK. Even if you’re not from the Christian/Muslim/Jewish persuasion, I’m sure you’ve heard about it since it’s been so mainstreamed already. Anyway, Darry started off the book with a huge storm and then a massively blinding white light descending upon the MCs (and the rest of the world), which caused the vanishing of just about everyone overnight! Well, except for the select (“chosen”) few including Ellery and Loveday, the 2 MCs, along with their pet dog and cat.

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Wings Series (Books 1 – 3: Dark Wings Descending/Pale Wings Protecting/White Wings Weeping)

– by Lesley Davis


*This commentary applies to all three books in this “Wings” trilogy.*

After coming off a reading high with Lesley Davis‘ latest brilliant romance novel, “Playing with Fire,” I wanted to explore more of her writing and stories. Imagine my delight when I saw that she also wrote in the paranormal genre! Why, it’s only one of my favourite genres! And it was a trilogy! Plus, when mixed with crime/mystery and romance, too?! Cor! Not only that but….

Angels & Demons?! Gods & monsters?! Demigods?! Oracles?! Immortals?! Awakened (humming “was blind but now I see….”) souls?! Possessions?! All congregated in the same time-space with, dare I say…(gasp!)…Ordinary humans running around, too?! Good vs Evil?! Heaven & Hell?! The Underworld?! Bloody hell!

Also, maybe it’s the fact that I’ve just recently watched Amazon’s Neil Gaiman/Terry Prachett-adapted mini-series, “Good Omens,” which I absolutely adored because of its sheer audacity, satire and endlessly hilarious presentation! So, that “heavenly/hellishly,” “divine” feel prolly lent to my immediate pounce on Davis’ Trilogy, besides my obvious interest in the genre! Either way….

3 words: Hook. Line. Sinker.

By the end of this epic trilogy, I was well and truly entertained, satiated, satisfied. In ALL aspects of what I was looking for in this particular paranormal angle, including obviously, a delish romance wrapped around every installment! Best few hours spent devouring all three books back-to-back, in one fell swoop! End of. 

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