– by Kris Bryant


Kris Bryant‘s latest outing, “Tinsel,” was inundated with holiday feels! Well, obviously because…just look at the cover! Right? Well, more than that, it was a quirky, bashful, witty, whimsical (yes!) story about life after a break-up, taking a chance, letting go and just…. having fun with the new, the unknown, in life.

It was a different kind of writing and storytelling style for Bryant in this novella. Well, at least different for me compared to her previous work, in the tone, rhythm and sound of her word flow and expressions, especially the situation with Jessica’s state of mind and her bad break-up (of the worst kind!) which seeped into her workplace, too because… well, you know the saying, “Don’t sh*t where you eat?” The wit and caricature style in the “wicked witch” characteristics and behaviour department were fun to read. Is it just me or do I detect a hint of Brayden-esque, no? Oh well… just me then…

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–  by Eden Darry


After reading and thoroughly enjoying Eden Darry’s debut published novel, “The House,” I was looking forward to reading her sophomore effort, “Vanished.” Although after reading its blurb, I realised that it wasn’t going to be a horror story, rather, a speculative fiction, more like. I was intrigued to see how Darry weaved an apocalyptic/dystopia story, even though this particular sub-genre of spec fic isn’t my usual cuppa.

In the first few pages, I realised that this “end-of-the-world” story was going to have a heavy religious connotation throughout. Two words: NOAH’S ARK. Even if you’re not from the Christian/Muslim/Jewish persuasion, I’m sure you’ve heard about it since it’s been so mainstreamed already. Anyway, Darry started off the book with a huge storm and then a massively blinding white light descending upon the MCs (and the rest of the world), which caused the vanishing of just about everyone overnight! Well, except for the select (“chosen”) few including Ellery and Loveday, the 2 MCs, along with their pet dog and cat.

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Romancing The Girl

– by Camryn Eyde


Camryn Eyde‘s “Romancing The Girl” was another pleasant surprise for me! I wanted to further explore Eyde’s storytelling style with her other full-length novels after reading her absolutely brilliant Tricky series (Books 1 & 2; final book still in the wind) which became one of me favourite lesfic stories, with Darcy & Olivia making me list of favourite lesfic couples! So I decided to make “Romancing” me next Eyde read. Plus, the blurb sounded intriguing. I mean, it can’t sound any more interesting and curious than putting a TV reality dating show in the middle of a working farm with horses, sheep, with that whole farm life thing going on, can it? And it’s in Aussie-style, complete with the Aussie language and lifestyle treatment which elevated me level of interest and anticipation even more! Needless to say, this story was another very well-written, enemies-to-lovers love story that was rich with other subplots that raised the stakes of the entire story altogether. Not to mention,  one brilliantly constructed long scene vividly depicted with highly intense and edge-of-your-seat effect toward the end of the final act.

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Breaking Down Her Walls

– by Erin Zak

I didn’t think I would be reading this book, “Breaking Down Her Walls” by Erin Zak until I read Rachael Byrne‘s review posted on Les Rêveur that piqued me interest. Not having had any experience with this author or her books, I dug in without any expectations, really. Am I glad I did because the first act itself hooked me right in!

First off, I have to mention that the style in which Zak utilised was something I’d only experienced once before (if me memory serves me right!) or let’s just say, a rarity in me reading history – third-person in present tense. Me reckons it’s not a common style authors use. In fact, the only time (if I remember correctly!) I came across it whilst reading, I remember it being very jarring for me that I noticed it immediately. I had to really get used to it. Fortunately the storytelling and the writing was solid so I didn’t mind it one bit. THIS book, however, I must say, I didn’t even notice it until my realisation hit after I finished because Zak somehow infused the style with such smoothness in the word flow that I read it like it was in any other usual style of writing!  Continue reading “Breaking Down Her Walls”

As The Crow Flies

– by Karen F. Williams

After seeing a highly recommended post from a member on The Lesbian Review Book Club, and a resounding shout-out from a mate from Twitter (cheers, Amy!) about Karen F. Williams‘ latest ghostly/paranormal book, “As The Crow Flies,” obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience it meself. So glad I did because being a huge fan of ghost stories (albeit well-written ones are few and far between, at least in me reading experience), I really wanted to sink me teeth into one that would give me the shivers or ghostly chills (like, me all-time favourites, Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House” or Henry James’ “The Turn of the Screw” and Yvonne Heidt’s “The Sisters of Spirits” trilogy). After reading this, I can attest to the fact that “As The Crow Flies” was a proper ghost story, a fantastically written one that not only succeeded in giving me the ghostly-feel chilling factor (AND, strangely, I must add, a feeling of peace and tranquillity which me all-time favourites didn’t!), but also presenting me with something to ponder. And that is saying something because in the horror/paranormal/ghostly genre, I’m not easily satisfied, see.

Firstly, having not had any experience with Williams’ writing or storytelling, I went in without any preconceived ideas or expectations about her style. I must say, from the start, I was taken by how she expressed herself in words! So utterly literary, I was drawn to the rhythm and flow of her expressions in richly formulated form! It was pure literary artistry. Continue reading “As The Crow Flies”