– by Lyn Gardner


Phew! The wait for Lyn Gardner‘s new work was finally over when I got to read her latest work, “Choices,” a new romance! Again, she’s wowed me with this superbly written and remarkably told love story, with a little extra panache this time. Let’s just say, it had a certain “mysterious” air of intrigue that flowed with authority whilst amplifying the essence of the main story! I didn’t expect it, really, so I was dead chuffed upon realising Gardner’s direction to her storytelling. Ohhhhh….ahem…’nuff said! I absolutely loved the feel of it whilst delving into the book that was filled with not just the love story between the two main protagonists, Robin and Judy, but also some very relevant characters who intertwined with each other as secrets were uncovered and revelations unfolded. Talk about multi-dimensional character and story development, indeed! That’s just what Gardner once again created for this particular book…and then some!

The prologue itself already had me mesmerised! The long, “one-shot” mysterious scene along with its contents which Gardner slowly unfolded in the beginning was reminiscent of my favourite Virginia Woolf scene in the brilliant movie, “The Hour.” I won’t divulge any further but when you read this book and if you’d seen the movie, you’ll know which one I’m alluding to. And the end of the prologue was simply intoxicating. I was left with a sense of wonder and the need to discover more about what really transpired that led to the event as described. Gardner circled back to the prologue’s content at the end of the book in order to complete story which could only be done after all the secrets were revealed and truth illuminated. A perfect motif. I always get chills of excitement and joy when I see writers using motifs – be it in books or films. A motif gives the story a deeper meaning, a symbolic purpose that flows through the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of its characters, moods, subject matters, themes. It creates a solid multi-dimensional structure of the story and character development. How often do we see that form or narrative being utilised in films, let alone books, these days, eh? So, I have Gardner to thank for gifting me this artistic narrative style for my reading experience and pleasure!

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Rules Of The Road

by K. Aten


K. Aten‘s “Rules of the Road” was such a fantabulous reading experience for me!

It’s Nerdy. It’s Quirky. It’s riotously Funny. It’s Romantic. It’s Engaging. It’s All Around GOOD FUN!

A comprehensively-written, unadulterated journey of two heartbroken souls who inadvertently “found” each other in one of the most unlikely places you can ever imagine. In the car! Via a driving app! Cor! Now THAT’s what I’m talking about – original and bloody creative! Driving App?! Blimey! That’s genius! I absolutely loved the fact that they only ever interacted and got to know each other via the App in the initial stages of their acquaintance, so to speak! Strangely, I thought of that movie, “You’ve Got Mail,” where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks never met either and struck up a virtual friendship via e-mail! So, in effect, Jamie (or as I prefer her nick, James!) and Kelsey’s App interaction was like a massive upgrade of “YGM“‘s virtual communication, innit? Plus, could they BE any more adorable than to be immortalised by their App – a nerd car (James) and a rainbow car (Kelsey) avatars on their screens, eh? Awww… a-bloody-dorbs!

And then OMG, the humour!! So bloody fresh and quirky! I never heard those words or expressions before in me life!!! I mean, bloody hell if I didn’t have a blast reading such colourful, crackin’ vernacular, sniggering endlessly! James’ hilarious outbursts in the car and Kelsey’s more aggressive ones (especially with her cats!) kept me so very entertained! I couldn’t get enough of ’em, tbh! LOL! Thank you, Ms. Aten, for introducing me to such colloquial delights!

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– by Kris Bryant


I couldn’t wait to read Kris Bryant‘s latest, “Listen,” and when I did, let’s just say, she gave me a truly wonderful and amazing journey to experience in her brilliantly written story about Lily and Hope, superbly wrapped in the sensual world of MUSIC, with words that turned into music notes, played throughout the story like a sheet music. The language of music (me favourite kind apart from the language of maths) really shone in this remarkable story from the start. For her to create a character who was not only a music prodigy but also an actuary (simply put, a profession that has everything to do with numbers…maths!), delighted me to no end. To say that I was ecstatic about digging me heels into Lily’s journey would be an understatement! And Bryant nailed the bloody thing beyond me expectations! To me, “Listen” is her BEST work yet! It’s now one of me favourite lesfic stories and defo will be on me 2019 best list!

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As The Crow Flies

– by Karen F. Williams

After seeing a highly recommended post from a member on The Lesbian Review Book Club, and a resounding shout-out from a mate from Twitter (cheers, Amy!) about Karen F. Williams‘ latest ghostly/paranormal book, “As The Crow Flies,” obviously I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to experience it meself. So glad I did because being a huge fan of ghost stories (albeit well-written ones are few and far between, at least in me reading experience), I really wanted to sink me teeth into one that would give me the shivers or ghostly chills (like, me all-time favourites, Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hill House” or Henry James’ “The Turn of the Screw” and Yvonne Heidt’s “The Sisters of Spirits” trilogy). After reading this, I can attest to the fact that “As The Crow Flies” was a proper ghost story, a fantastically written one that not only succeeded in giving me the ghostly-feel chilling factor (AND, strangely, I must add, a feeling of peace and tranquillity which me all-time favourites didn’t!), but also presenting me with something to ponder. And that is saying something because in the horror/paranormal/ghostly genre, I’m not easily satisfied, see.

Firstly, having not had any experience with Williams’ writing or storytelling, I went in without any preconceived ideas or expectations about her style. I must say, from the start, I was taken by how she expressed herself in words! So utterly literary, I was drawn to the rhythm and flow of her expressions in richly formulated form! It was pure literary artistry. Continue reading “As The Crow Flies”