Gallows Humor

– by Carolyn Elizabeth

As soon as I read Carolyn Elizabeth‘s very creative limerick as her debut book promo plug, I knew I simply had to find out more about “Gallows Humor.” And after reading an excerpt on Bella Books, my assumption was correct about Elizabeth’s skill as a writer and a storyteller. What caught my attention as I breezed through the excerpt was the fact that the main protagonist, Corey, was a medical examiner – a profession that I’ve always been fascinated with, particularly all the medical and technical methodology involved in dissecting and examining the human anatomy, post-mortem, in order to determine cause of death. I must say, I thought of Rad’s “Heart Stop,” the only other lesfic book I’d read that featured an ME. But the similarity ended there. And then, there was the other main protagonist, Thayer, an ER fellow. What made her a bit different than the other romantic interests in medical romance, at least with the impression I had just by reading the excerpt, which also made me exceedingly curious about her, was how Elizabeth was alluding to the way the romance was gonna be told. So, obviously, I had to read the book! So glad I did!!

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Second Chances

– by A.E. Radley


Another GEM from A.E. Radley! “Second Chances” is a resounding MUST-READ! I couldn’t put it down. I made a mistake (or maybe not depending on how one looks at it!) of starting my read whilst I was knee-deep in work bollocks. Alas, I was so engrossed in the book and the story, my day job was summarily abandoned, if only for a few hours. Oh, sod it! I was singularly focussed on Rosie, Alice and Hannah!

This story wasn’t a typical age-gap romance. Not at all. And this superbly crafted and weaved story is testament to that. I’ve never read anything like it at all, not under the age-gap romance trope. In fact, this story transcended age. It’s just a number, innit? Read it and judge for yourself.  I must admit the effects of exploring and experiencing the story about a young single mother doing her absolute best to provide for her 5-year-old gifted child whilst trying to make ends meet and a very observant and eager primary school (Year 1) teacher trying to help provide the best possible ways to foster the child’s astonishingly high level of intelligence way beyond her age, have made a mark in my mind. A truly marvellous story written and told with reverberating effect. One with a lasting, memorable impression that I won’t ever forget. Thank you, Ms. Radley!

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– by Charlotte Mills


**Sometimes a book cover sets up the mood, tells the story or raises the level of curiosity and intrigue. THIS cover satisfies all. The contrast. Beauty and ugliness. Calm and chaos. In the midst of beauty and calm illuminating the dark forest lies chaos. Its name is Spade and its mission? “Payback.” Can you feel it?**


If you haven’t read Charlotte Mills‘ latest, “Payback,” her first Ylva-published novel, and you’re a fan of crime/mystery (with a compelling romance, to boot!), you really ought to, imo!

Craftily original. Insidiously unassuming. Slyly-weaved web. Pure FUN.

And the twist? *slow clap*


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Out Of The Blue and Latent Memories: Parts 1 and 2

– by Charlotte Mills


*This commentary applies to both Books 1 & 2 of this Duology*

I have to admit, I never heard about Charlotte Mills before. Until one day, I noticed the cover of Ylva‘s “Payback” written by someone called Charlotte Mills. Its aesthetic cover captivated me attention, plus, after reading the blurb, I was positively curious about not just the book (I’m a big fan of the crime/mystery genre and constantly looking out for well-written ones in lesfic) but the author herself. So, I set out to check her previous work  via Goodreads, just so I could gauge her writing and storytelling style before I ventured into her first Ylva-published novel. I picked her critical-acclaimed duology, “Out Of The Blue” and “Latent Memories,” which I assumed she self-published in 2016. Was I glad I read them! Needless to say, I have me eyes on Ms. Mills’ work now because after reading 3 of her books, I like the rhythm and tone of her written words when telling a story. So I’m looking forward to reading her latest, “Payback” soon!

Anyway, back to me commentary about this well-written, compelling and explicitly told love story….

Now, these two books MUST be read back-to-back, imo. Otherwise, let’s just say, you’ll prolly end up pulling your hair out of sheer frustration after reading the cliffhanger of “Out of the Blue” since you’ll be aching to find out what’s gonna happen! So if you just leave it at that and not continue with “Latent,” you’d be left totally unsatisfied. But trust me, reading both, one after another, will make the entire journey very much worth the ride!

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Ticket to Love

– by Donna Jay

Donna Jay‘s new romance, “Ticket to Love,” was a delightful read for me, indeed. It’s a little different than the bog-standard age-gap romance. What made this story unique was the fact that the protagonist only just settled in a foreign country when serendipity hit and she found herself getting drawn to and falling in love with the most unlikely Kiwi, ten years her senior. I felt like it was Australia finding love in New Zealand – somehow had a romantic feel, felt like a “long-distance” or holiday romance but with a local twist, you know what I mean? (or maybe not. Just me then, eh? Ok, ignore me!)

Anyway, Jay crafted an open and honest love story between Tara and Kathryn. Oh, fate and destiny played a major role in this one. See, when Tara’s hateful and bigoted mum kicked her out of their house and unceremoniously shipped her off to live with her aunt, Sue, in New Zealand, she never in a million years thought she’d find love especially not after what happened back home in Australia that prompted her mum to make such a drastic move, plucking her life out from under her without any consent, tossing her away like she was rubbish! Unconscionable. Me brain fumes with fury just thinking about it even now when I’m typing this commentary! Did me head in trying to fathom how a mother could hate her own child. (You’ll have to read it to find out what exactly happened because it’s a doozy!) Continue reading “Ticket to Love”

Black Ridge Falls (Above & Beyond Series Book 6)

– by Jody Klaire

At. Long. Last. After a long, torturous wait for the release of Book 6 of Jody Klaire‘s phenomenal Above & Beyond saga, “Black Ridge Falls,” (BRF) finally arrived, and I was beside meself  with utter excitement!! And, obviously, I went through it at lightning speed! Saying that “BRF” was a page-turner is a major understatement! Crikey! I was practically panting for breath after the last page was turned (swiped) and realised that I’d been holding me breath the entire time I was reading the final act! Bloody hell! My adrenaline levels were still off the charts I was literally bouncing off the walls from all the excitement, the thrills, the crushing feels, the…too much to list!, hours after I finished reading it! I’m still reeling from it now! Needless to say, I was completely and utterly sated!

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