A Heart This Big

– by Cheyenne Blue


I had been waiting for Cheyenne Blue‘s next novel in anticipation since “Code of Conduct.” The wait was over when I had a chance to read her newest, “A Heart This Big!” Yup, I was already curious about it ever since reading its blurb and reading its excerpt reminded me of why I always enjoyed Blue’s writing. So naturally, when the entire story became available to me, I read it in one sitting. What a delightful, sweet romance, indeed! A rich girl/poor girl, city girl/rural girl, single mum country romance, Blue’s writing style allowed the story to flow ever-so smoothly and the romance between the two MCs, Nina and Leigh, to develop organically all throughout the story that I was immediately invested. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride from start to finish!

Blue opened the story with a slice of farm life with Nina, the owner of her inherited farm, and her 12-year-old daughter, Phoebe. Then I was immediately introduced to two characters, Stella and Billy, who’d play a pivotal role in not just turning Nina’s life upside down but would also inadvertently play cupid to Leigh and Nina! Fate really works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? Continue reading “A Heart This Big”

Wooing The Farmer (Axedale Series Book 3)

– by Jenny Frame


**LOVE the cover! Oh-so colourful, so quaint! Bright and joy! Look at the reflection?! So pretty! Makes me happy every time I look at it! Well done!**

I’ve been looking forward to reading this third installment of Jenny Frame‘s Axedale Series, “Wooing The Farmer!!!” So naturally, I devoured it in one short sitting as soon as I received it! I couldn’t wait to see what Frame had in-store for me favourite farmer, Quade, the shy, adorable, terribly forlorn and lonesome butch who had been looking for the love of her life, the femme of her dreams since Book 1. Aaarghhhh!! Poor Quade!

Not anymore!!! Thank Christ!!

And the ideal femme of Quade’s dreams? Well, just wait ’til you read all about Penelope Huntingdon-Stewart (Penny)! Wow! Talk about THE femme of the femmes!!! Frame’s detailed description of Penny was so vivid that I could see clearly – with the many bright girly/feminine colours and cute cartoony prints that accompanied them in all of her attire including her footwear, her make-up, accessories, the lot – what exactly she looked like! As if those weren’t enough to describe a stereotypical-looking femme, Penny also had a dog, a brown toy poodle named Princess Baby Bear who accompanied her everywhere in the designer dog bag she carried with her all the time. Yes, Penelope Huntingdon-Stewart and Princess Baby Bear. There you have it. Hats off, Frame, for creating this unapologetic, extremely femme-looking femme, whom I’d never come across in any lesfic character described quite like her before! How absolutely refreshing and exciting especially when Penny came face-to-face with the other end of the spectrum – yes, the ultimate butch-looking butch, Quade!! Ah yes, let’s not forget that this is a fairy tale romance. Perfection!

Continue reading “Wooing The Farmer (Axedale Series Book 3)”


– by Susan X Meagher

**I won a free copy of Susan X. Meagher‘s GCLS goldie-winning “Vacationland” from Brisk Press (thank you!) & cheers, Rachael Byrne, for picking lil’ ol’ me as one of the lucky winners on your FB group!**

I must say, I’ve only ever read one book from Susan X. Meagher, “All That Matters,” previously. It was exceptionally well-written with one of the most fleshed out character development and stories that I ever read in fiction, in general. It was very compelling and I liked it. *Alas, it was not me cuppa tea because of the intimate M/F scenes (which I didn’t know when I picked up the book; had a hard time trying to skip those pages but I did) and I’m generally not a fan of “toaster oven”-type lesfic stories where the straight relationship is featured and takes up a portion of the book.*

Anyway…..that’s definitely NOT the case in this book, “Vacationland!” YAY!! Both protagonists, Sunny and Devin, were openly gay from the get-go. So there wasn’t any toaster-oven-type kind of situation. Phew! I was decidedly pleased and got into the story right away. Continue reading “Vacationland”