The Roommate Arrangement

– by Jae


A follow-up to “Just For Show,” only this time, this story featured Stephanie aka Steph, Claire’s sister, who appeared in “JFS,” where Jae briefly introduced her as the family’s “black sheep,” who defied everything expected of her, from her rebellious lifestyle to her profession as a stand-up comedian. In other words, Steph couldn’t be more different than “goody two shoes” Claire. Anyway, Jae’s latest, “The Roommate Arrangement,” can be read as a stand-alone, obviously, but if you’re curious, I’d highly recommend that you read “Just For Show” just so you could have a wider picture of Steph’s character and her family including Jae’s inclusion of Claire and her now-fiancée, Lana, the MCs of “JFS” in this book. To me, “Just For Show” and “The Roommate Arrangement” are perfect companion pieces to read because they complement each other. And like JFS, TRA is a heartwarming tale of self-discovery, finding love in the most unlikely of places and circumstances, from friends to lovers, a slow-burn romance that will tug at your heart strings especially when you delve into Rae’s story!

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Pretending In Paradise

– by M. Ullrich


I like the fauxmance trope as much as the next person. Nothing more fun than reading how people pretend to be in love whilst trying to achieve their intended goals but inadvertently fall into the love trap in the end, eh? But it’s also tricky because I like to read different takes of the trope and too often, in my experience, I ended up reading the same old approach, hence affecting my reading pleasure as a whole. So, I’ve been very picky and selective about it. But M. Ullrich‘s latest fauxmance novel, “Pretending In Paradise,” had a premise that was both intriguing and the nature of the trope was refreshing to me when I read the blurb. So obviously, I decided to just dive right in for my next Ullrich adventure with this one that had piqued my interest and caught my attention. You know what, it hit the nail for me! The storyline, the nature of the fauxmance trope were all well-executed. Ullrich’s style of telling the tale and weaving it fitted well with the contents of the story. The best thing about it was that I had so much FUN reading through it like I hoped I would because if you read the blurb, it just screams fun, with some prickly humour, possibly a bit of a bloody cheek and devilish banter here and there, doesn’t it? Anyway, it was a breeze finishing it in one sitting.

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Tricky Series (Books 1 & 2)

– by Camryn Eyde


*This commentary applies to the entire Tricky series
(thusfar, with I believe, the 3rd and final installment yet to be released)
including Book 1 “Tricky Wisdom” and Book 2 “Tricky Chances.”

I’m ashamed to say that I had Camryn Eyde‘s Tricky series on me TBR list for a while and actually managed to forget about it until very recently. Thanks to Sheena from TLR who happened to organise a book club read of Eyde’s first book of the series, “Tricky Wisdom,” that instantly kicked me arse into action about reading the series! I’d previously read a couple of Eyde’s shorts a while ago but never her full-length, which was when I had placed the Tricky series on me TBR list in the first place after her shorts. Long story short, I had breezed through both installments back-to-back, never wanting to put them down, whilst berating meself for me forgetfulness in reading them much earlier on! But hey, better late than never, eh?

Now, let’s crack on, shall we?

Camryn Eyde’s Tricky series, “Tricky Wisdom” (Book 1) and “Tricky Chances” (Book 2), essentially is a series that chronicled the personal voyage of one medical student, Darcy Wright, through her eyes and point-of-view as she stumbled her way through medical training in Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, whilst also getting her previously non-existent love life all bent out of shape by being entangled with her roomie and her best mate! Yeh, Darcy’s life was definitely interesting!

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Breaking Character

– by Lee Winter

Yes. I devoured Lee Winter‘s latest novel, “Breaking Character,” as soon as I got me hands on it. Now, usually, I’m not a big fan of celebrity romances although I’d read a few, solely because of who wrote them. What made Winter’s celebrity romance story different (after reading the blurb), for me, manifested in four-folds, all being me favourite tropes in romance.  First of all, it involved an ice queen. Yes, I’m a big sucker for ice queens and I’m not gonna apologise for it, so there! As readers of Winter’s books are aware, Winter’s the Queen of Ice Queens. Her personification of her ice queen characters have been nothing less than sublime. So, I just knew that this latest ice queen character whom Lee created would be divinely different than any other ones (be it hers or others’), and another one to steal me heart (which she did from the get-go!). Anyway, back to “Breaking Character“‘s resident ice queen, Elizabeth, she’s also British. Let’s see, a British ice queen named Elizabeth…. Hmm… Hey, “Queen Elizabeth,” anyone? Intriguing.  Another interesting factor was that both protagonists, Elizabeth and Summer, were celebrity actors and co-stars, where one of them was the other’s object of hero worship and desire!

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Just For Show

– by Jae

Just finished Jae‘s latest, “Just For Show”. Well, as expected, what a great read! No surprised there because…Jae! 🙂

You’ll love Claire & her OCD quirks (hilarious actions when she’s stressed or during…well, you’ll have to read it to find out! ;)), her obstinance, that only Lana can break through. There’s something to be said about two people who couldn’t be more different (size, shape, form, personality) from each other, who meet at the crossroads & start a journey that inadvertently open their hearts to each other.

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Captain Of Industry

– by Karin Kallmaker

Let’s talk about Karin Kallmaker‘s “Captain of Industry.” 1st time I’d come across a book where the protagonist was inherently an antagonist – an unscrupulous one at that – in another book of KK’s,Stepping Stone.” I remember when reading SS, Jennifer Lamont was really getting on my tits with her deviousness! But, Kallmaker, being the masterful storyteller that she is, deftly created Lamont’s backstory in this book so compelling & riveting that I couldn’t help but feel empathy & compassion toward her. I began to understand why she did what she did in SS. Her plight & circumstances were so realistically portrayed here because we all know (or heard of) how the entertainment industry is like especially for women.

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