Uncharted (A Chase Stinsen Adventure)

– by Robyn Nyx


I was thrilled to find out that there would be a lesbian-themed, Lara Croft-style adventure courtesy of Robyn Nyx when an announcement was made. Being a fan of Nyx’s writing and storytelling, I was really looking forward to reading it. Thus, when I received an ARC of “Uncharted,” I was thrilled with anticipation! Let’s just say, Nyx didn’t disappoint! In fact, the two MCs, Chase and Rayne, embodied the characterisation of Lara Croft/Tomb Raider (Rayne) and Indiana Jones (Chase), two of the famous fictional archaeological characters whom I’ve always loved! Not to mention, the archaeological digs/adventures, too! Can’t get any better than that, can it?

This story was about the ultimate archaeological find aka treasure hunt, in this case! Just like many other archaeo-adventure I’ve come across, i.e. Indiana Jones movies, Lara Croft movies, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Romancing the Stone, Jewel of the Nile, Treasure Island, King Solomon’s Mines movies,  National Treasure movies, The Goonies, The Mummy, Prince of Persia, amongst others. Most often than not, there’s always a treasure map, rumoured to be authentic and the enticement is always gold! No exception here in “Uncharted.” A treasure hunt of something that no one had ever discovered before, something that would change the world. One word: Mayan.

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– by Michelle Larkin


Ok, I feel like I owe it to Michelle Larkin to write a little bit of something about my experience with this book seeing that I might’ve been too hasty in relegating it to the bottom pile of my TBR list before! But for some reason, I picked this book to read and it was nothing like I expected. At all!

First, it was funny throughout, with lovable MCs and secondary characters! Never read a shape-shifter MC to be this funny, fun, and adorably likeable all throughout the story! Usually there’d be a layer of darkness in the shape-shifter, but Aspen, who’s also the “Chosen One” of the shape-shifting community, only had light in her. I absolutely loved all the funny, flirty, cheeky, mischievous banters between Aspen and Tora (the awkward, aloof, ice queen doc). In fact I loved the natural chemistry that Aspen seemed to have with everyone, particularly, Tora, Skye and her “pops,” Oscar! Their interactions, when you read the book, were portrayed with such authenticity that I believed they were like family. That was certainly a surprise to me because I didn’t get that kinda chemistry or rapport in dialogues from Larkin’s previous book.

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200 Hours

– by Natasha West


Well, if you know Natasha West‘s writing style, you know that you’ll have yourself another comedy to read about in her latest. This time, “200 Hours,” is a (very) light-hearted romcom, YA style (uni years). Rich girl/poor girl trope, coming out. It was fun to read how these two polar opposites get together whilst trying to complete their 200 hours of community service under the most horrid social worker’s so-called guidance! Julie. Yeh, or as I’d like to call her, Bodybag!!!! Heh, if you’d watched the prison drama, “Bad Girls,” (which churned out me all-time favourite on-screen lesbian couple, Helen & Nikki, mind!) you’ll know who Bodybag was!! So, Julie was essentially Sylvia “Bodybag” Hollamby reincarnate, what with all her sheer nastiness, that bigoted, vindictive, stupid ol’ cow!! Urgh! But that was the most fun part to read in this book!! OMG! The more the community serving lot (“criminals”) wound her up and took the piss, the funnier it was!

Check out this following excerpt (my favourite slapstick scene!) where Bodybag…I mean, Julie, was barking out her instructions at her tormented criminals to do something to fill the hours:

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Pretending In Paradise

– by M. Ullrich


I like the fauxmance trope as much as the next person. Nothing more fun than reading how people pretend to be in love whilst trying to achieve their intended goals but inadvertently fall into the love trap in the end, eh? But it’s also tricky because I like to read different takes of the trope and too often, in my experience, I ended up reading the same old approach, hence affecting my reading pleasure as a whole. So, I’ve been very picky and selective about it. But M. Ullrich‘s latest fauxmance novel, “Pretending In Paradise,” had a premise that was both intriguing and the nature of the trope was refreshing to me when I read the blurb. So obviously, I decided to just dive right in for my next Ullrich adventure with this one that had piqued my interest and caught my attention. You know what, it hit the nail for me! The storyline, the nature of the fauxmance trope were all well-executed. Ullrich’s style of telling the tale and weaving it fitted well with the contents of the story. The best thing about it was that I had so much FUN reading through it like I hoped I would because if you read the blurb, it just screams fun, with some prickly humour, possibly a bit of a bloody cheek and devilish banter here and there, doesn’t it? Anyway, it was a breeze finishing it in one sitting.

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Gallows Humor

– by Carolyn Elizabeth

As soon as I read Carolyn Elizabeth‘s very creative limerick as her debut book promo plug, I knew I simply had to find out more about “Gallows Humor.” And after reading an excerpt on Bella Books, my assumption was correct about Elizabeth’s skill as a writer and a storyteller. What caught my attention as I breezed through the excerpt was the fact that the main protagonist, Corey, was a medical examiner – a profession that I’ve always been fascinated with, particularly all the medical and technical methodology involved in dissecting and examining the human anatomy, post-mortem, in order to determine cause of death. I must say, I thought of Rad’s “Heart Stop,” the only other lesfic book I’d read that featured an ME. But the similarity ended there. And then, there was the other main protagonist, Thayer, an ER fellow. What made her a bit different than the other romantic interests in medical romance, at least with the impression I had just by reading the excerpt, which also made me exceedingly curious about her, was how Elizabeth was alluding to the way the romance was gonna be told. So, obviously, I had to read the book! So glad I did!!

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Romancing The Girl

– by Camryn Eyde


Camryn Eyde‘s “Romancing The Girl” was another pleasant surprise for me! I wanted to further explore Eyde’s storytelling style with her other full-length novels after reading her absolutely brilliant Tricky series (Books 1 & 2; final book still in the wind) which became one of me favourite lesfic stories, with Darcy & Olivia making me list of favourite lesfic couples! So I decided to make “Romancing” me next Eyde read. Plus, the blurb sounded intriguing. I mean, it can’t sound any more interesting and curious than putting a TV reality dating show in the middle of a working farm with horses, sheep, with that whole farm life thing going on, can it? And it’s in Aussie-style, complete with the Aussie language and lifestyle treatment which elevated me level of interest and anticipation even more! Needless to say, this story was another very well-written, enemies-to-lovers love story that was rich with other subplots that raised the stakes of the entire story altogether. Not to mention,  one brilliantly constructed long scene vividly depicted with highly intense and edge-of-your-seat effect toward the end of the final act.

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