The House

– by Eden Darry


Just look at the cover! Aesthetically sinister, innit? OK, I saw this cover recently, tried to stay away despite being instantly drawn to it because my current reads were overloaded already and I really needed to finish them first before I went mad with panic for not clearing the queue in a timely manner! I know…oddball nutter I am! But then the image of the ominous-looking, totally mesmerising house, photographed in a chilling, intimidating angle with that menacing ivy wrapped around it, kept resurfacing in my peripheral vision which eventually got the better of me. I couldn’t deny its disquieting allure anymore. The house was beckoning me!! Crikey! Yes, as soon as I found a tiny little space in-between books in my reading schedule, I managed to squeeze this in with a quick read (not having heard of the author before be damned!). Was I glad I did because, Eden Darry‘s “The House,” her full-length debut effort, I might add, satisfied most of my required ingredients in a properly written, plotted and constructed story, not just in the paranormal/horror genre in fiction but specifically in lesfic, with a compelling and captivating plot that also combined a couple of goodies to enrich the main ghost/paranormal plot – corporeal evil and clairvoyance! So, the story’s also crafted within the realm of the psychological thriller genre, too, cleverly serving as a backdrop to it main ghost/paranormal flavour.

As expected, the “look” of the house on the cover lived up to its implication as Darry introduced me to it when the two MCs along with their two kids had to move from the comfort of their house in the city to THE house in the outskirts, ala the countryside, to escape the horrors that happened to Sadie. Darry certainly didn’t mess about when she constructed that whole scenario involving Fin, Sadie, the other prospective buyers and the estate agent of the house early on in the book that ended with my hairs standing up on the back of my neck! Yup, that tingle that I always crave for when reading books of this genre? Well, Darry went and did it…with a subtle chill. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Bloody well done!

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