The X Ingredient

– by Roslyn Sinclair


Having read Telanu’s fanfic of the same title first a while ago and had since been waiting in anticipation for its full publication because, first, “The X Ingredient” was so superbly written and told that when Telanu left me hanging at the end of the fanfic version with a promise of a full publication at a later time, I was beside myself with horror because….well, I really wanted to know what happened in the second act and Telanu spared no mercy with that cliffhanger! That was prolly 2 years ago?

As you know, Telanu is Roslyn Sinclair‘s fanfic pen name – and whilst we’re at it, I HIGHLY recommend you to go get yourself some Telanu reads because they’re simply a cut above, you’ll never realise you’re reading a fanfic piece! Her “Truth & Measure” (DWP)? Truly outstanding, one of my all-time favourite lesfic and I don’t even classify it as a fanfic, really. Top notch quality writing. Ok, ok, I’m sorry. I think I just went off-tangent here! THIS is about Ms. Sinclair’s newest book, “The X Ingredient,” the finished product of its original incomplete fanfic piece, which, technically is not, since Sinclair practically overhauled the entire DWP-inspired setting, basically scrubbing off any trace of it, toned down the level of “explicitness” (you know what I mean!) but just a little bit (no worries!), and reworked it into an office romance in a high-powered law firm with a new premise of the story. Continue reading “The X Ingredient”

New Ink On Life (Thorn & Thistle Series Book 1)

– Jennie Davids


Lex from GR was dead right when she thought I’d enjoy Jennie Davids‘ debut novel, “New Ink On Life” after I read her review which prompted me to take a closer look at the story’s blurb. (Cheers, Lex!) Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to finish. An original story with one specific detail that I never came across in my lesfic romance reading (yet). Well, Ronica Black’s “The Last Seduction,” had that subject matter broached but definitely not told from that MC’s POV. But in Davids’ story, I was delighted that it was. Finding romance post-breast cancer, in a 5-year remission. Not an easy setup to create a compelling romance around it especially when there’s always a possibility of a relapse, innit? That was what piqued my interest the most.

I was curious to find out how Davids approached this subject with her story. I had certain expectations because it was about one of the most, if not the most, private, life-altering circumstance a woman could ever possess in her life. Something that effectively alters one’s mental, emotional and psychological mindset about her sexuality, self-worth, body image, and self-confidence, all of which, makes a woman, a woman. And most importantly, that it would yield a positive, hopeful and happy ending simply because the last thing I wanted was to invest in a character’s emotionally taxing journey only to discover that survival and recovery of a life-changing condition was all in vain in the end.

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Practice Makes Perfect

– by Carsen Taite


I was thrilled to read Carsen Taite‘s latest legal romance, “Practice Makes Perfect,” which is the first installment of her brand new “Legal Affairs” romance series. Book 1 started off with the introduction of three besties since their law school years, Campbell, Grace and Abby, all 5th year associates currently slogging their way to make partner in bog-standard big law firms they were “enslaved” in! Taite’s first MC for Book 1 was obviously Campbell, the “leader” of the trio, so to speak. A maverick, slick, always thinking outside the box coming up with big ideas, Campbell was 1/3 of the popular trio nicknamed “Charlie’s Angels” back in law school with the other two “Angels” being Grace and Abby, obvs. The trio was not only popular but were part of the “in-crowd” and all that whilst at school, you get the idea. After pitching her “Big Idea” to her besties – opening their own law firm with equal partnership – Campbell set out to land a potential big deal for their firm….but with a caveat….obviously!

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Secrets In A Small Town

– by Nicole Stiling


I must say, I was intrigued by Nicole Stiling‘s “Secrets in a Small Town” when I came across its blurb on BSB. And then the subversively crafted cover had a strange pull on my ever-inquisitive sense of curiosity. I know, another book whose cover played a role in my decision to read it apart from its blurb that obviously interested me primarily because of it sounding like it would be an ice queen trope. I’m always game for ice queen romances in lesfic because I’m forever curious to find out the many ways authors could come up with to thaw an ice queen character in a love story! Heh! What’s more, there was a mystery attached to the romance involving a stalker! Crikey! Level of intrigue and curiosity increased, obvs! Anyway, about Stiling, I was curious because I never heard of her before so as usual, I had to find out more which was when I discovered that this book was actually only her first published fiction! Okay, then. So off I went to read it with a sense of anticipation as to how a first-timer would weave this mystery-romance using one of my beloved tropes. Needless to say, I was impressed. It was a light and speedy read for me but I had a lot of fun doing it! To me, it was a great debut effort from Stiling because I really enjoyed her writing style. There’s nothing more satisfying than reading constructed wordings that flow smoothly throughout a book, is there? In any case, I’ll certainly be checking out Stiling’s future stories to see how she manoeuvres and hones in her craft.

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Pretending In Paradise

– by M. Ullrich


I like the fauxmance trope as much as the next person. Nothing more fun than reading how people pretend to be in love whilst trying to achieve their intended goals but inadvertently fall into the love trap in the end, eh? But it’s also tricky because I like to read different takes of the trope and too often, in my experience, I ended up reading the same old approach, hence affecting my reading pleasure as a whole. So, I’ve been very picky and selective about it. But M. Ullrich‘s latest fauxmance novel, “Pretending In Paradise,” had a premise that was both intriguing and the nature of the trope was refreshing to me when I read the blurb. So obviously, I decided to just dive right in for my next Ullrich adventure with this one that had piqued my interest and caught my attention. You know what, it hit the nail for me! The storyline, the nature of the fauxmance trope were all well-executed. Ullrich’s style of telling the tale and weaving it fitted well with the contents of the story. The best thing about it was that I had so much FUN reading through it like I hoped I would because if you read the blurb, it just screams fun, with some prickly humour, possibly a bit of a bloody cheek and devilish banter here and there, doesn’t it? Anyway, it was a breeze finishing it in one sitting.

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A Curious Woman

– by Jess Lea


I was really looking forward to Jess Lea‘s debut full-length novel, “A Curious Woman,” ever since Lee Winter mentioned it and having recently read its excerpt on Ylva. To say that I was excited and thrilled about exploring the tale after reading the excerpt would be an understatement! I must say, when I finally received my ARC copy and read the entire story, Ms. Lea didn’t disappoint. Not at all! Not with her writing style nor her storytelling method and certainly not with all that eccentricity oozing out of literally every page, all those oddball characters, and quirky surroundings, that kept me entertained until the every end! So, well done, Ms. Lea!

This story, right off the bat, was one eccentrically original and creatively intriguing tale weaved in the world of mystery. I mean, I can safely tout that I’d never come across a book in lesfic that was written THIS atypically before and Ms. Lea sure had some fascinatingly creative juice flowing in her story-weaving of this particular story of mystery and intrigue, nevermind that little hint of romance, too! I certainly never came across anything quite this original in lesbian fiction, which is reason enough to pick this one up to read and explore its thrilling oddities yourself, not to say there aren’t other reasons to do so, mind! Once you read it, you’ll know!

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Romancing The Girl

– by Camryn Eyde


Camryn Eyde‘s “Romancing The Girl” was another pleasant surprise for me! I wanted to further explore Eyde’s storytelling style with her other full-length novels after reading her absolutely brilliant Tricky series (Books 1 & 2; final book still in the wind) which became one of me favourite lesfic stories, with Darcy & Olivia making me list of favourite lesfic couples! So I decided to make “Romancing” me next Eyde read. Plus, the blurb sounded intriguing. I mean, it can’t sound any more interesting and curious than putting a TV reality dating show in the middle of a working farm with horses, sheep, with that whole farm life thing going on, can it? And it’s in Aussie-style, complete with the Aussie language and lifestyle treatment which elevated me level of interest and anticipation even more! Needless to say, this story was another very well-written, enemies-to-lovers love story that was rich with other subplots that raised the stakes of the entire story altogether. Not to mention,  one brilliantly constructed long scene vividly depicted with highly intense and edge-of-your-seat effect toward the end of the final act.

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