The Book Addict

– by Annette Mori


Annette Mori‘s latest, “The Book Addict,” was me first book of hers that I read, thanks to the author herself who sent me a complimentary copy! And I must also thank Rachael Byrne (Lesbian Fiction Group by Les Reveur) for picking me to win some e-books from some lovely authors!

Not having had any experience with Mori’s writing previously, I was curious to discover her writing style and storytelling tone. And what better way to find out than to read her latest creation, eh? I was glad “The Book Addict” was me first Mori reading material because it’s about something I’ve always loved all me life – BOOKS! Only this time, it’s ENCHANTING books! Blimey!! I couldn’t wait to read it! Love me some creative stories!

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