Bloodbath (Harrietta Lee Series Book 2)

– by Stephanie Ahn


After finishing Stephanie Ahn‘s debut and Book 1 of her Harrietta Lee Series, “Deadline,” literally in a blink of an eye (novella length only), that left me wanting more (Harry’s ongoing adventures plus a certain demon!), I had to read Book 2 right away! Plus, I was dead curious about Ahn’s sophomore writing and storytelling skills. Needless to say, I devoured it at top speed and came out of it totally and completely entertained, satiated, satisfied, and more inspired and thrilled than ever! Ahn is most definitely a talented writer and tale-spinner of the wildest, most daring, uninhibited and imaginative kind in the world of urban fantasy!

Bloodbath.” Yes, that’s the word Ahn used to title the 2nd installment of her Harrietta Lee series. And yes, it means what it means, literally and figuratively, and she made no qualms about it, whatsoever, in bringing that title to life in weaving the sequel to Harry’s adventures as a disgraced blood witch earning her keep as an “unofficial” P.I. in the streets of New York! Ahn definitely nailed the “sequel” formula perfectly, imo: BIGGER. BETTER. MORE. Much, much more.

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The Book Addict

– by Annette Mori


Annette Mori‘s latest, “The Book Addict,” was me first book of hers that I read, thanks to the author herself who sent me a complimentary copy! And I must also thank Rachael Byrne (Lesbian Fiction Group by Les Reveur) for picking me to win some e-books from some lovely authors!

Not having had any experience with Mori’s writing previously, I was curious to discover her writing style and storytelling tone. And what better way to find out than to read her latest creation, eh? I was glad “The Book Addict” was me first Mori reading material because it’s about something I’ve always loved all me life – BOOKS! Only this time, it’s ENCHANTING books! Blimey!! I couldn’t wait to read it! Love me some creative stories!

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