Invisible, As Music

– by Caren J. Werlinger


What can I say about Caren J. Werlinger‘s latest book, “Invisible, as Music,” eh? Gosh, Werlinger can really squeeze your heart, pull your heartstrings, with her stories, can’t she? After reading “Bittersweet Garden” and “When The Stars Sang,” I knew Werlinger would give me yet another thought-provoking, heart-gripping, gut-wrenching story about the human condition – the wonders, fragility, strength, power, vulnerability of it – in her own unique voice, which, I must say, always carries a certain spiritual undertone. And, I was not wrong because “Invisible, as Music” was absolutely captivating from start to finish, with some memorable moments I’d not soon forget!

Firstly, the title. Not knowing its origin, I was immediately intrigued because…music. Anything about music always perks my curiosity. And to add the word “invisible” to it… I don’t know but it immediately gave me this feeling of mystique. Invisible, as music… It’s so lyrically poetic. ‘Nuff said.

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Forbidden Melody

– by Magnolia Robbins



I was literally gobsmacked after reading Magnolia Robbins‘ “Forbidden Melody.” Still am, tbh! Still reeling after days of contemplation, pondering and reflecting. Thanks to a rec from Ms. Aten c/o TLR (cheers, K!), and a ringing endorsement from a GR mate (cheers, Bethany!), I have finally found a story in lesfic that was written in the essence, spirit and rhythm of music vibrating behind each and every word crafted in its literary language as it flowed through every page. Having music…classical music, to be exact, so ingrained in me since childhood, aurally and practically, its mere sound is like blood flowing through my veins. Yes, in that deep, I am. And being an avid lesfic reader, I always wish there were one special story that meshed effortlessly its literary words with the beauty of classical music used as a conduit to its content, purpose and significance of its characters. My wish finally came true (and then some!) with this staggeringly arresting, hauntingly evocative, breathtakingly intoxicating, hypnotically all-consuming forbidden love story between two musical prodigies that not only Robbins masterfully weaved, she further epitomised it with a playlist of classical masterpieces that breathed life to every emotion, every nuance, every feeling that she skilfully distinguished in her two star-crossed souls.

A tour de force. Truly unforgettable. For me.

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Running From Forever (Blood Resonance Book 1)

– by K. Aten


K. Aten‘s latest outing, “Running From Forever,” the first in the “Blood Resonance” series, was the fourth genre that I encountered from her books, so far. Talk about a writer with creative pursuits spanning nearly all lesfic genres, eh? Let’s see, I’ve read her Sci-Fi, Speculative, Contemporary Romance and now Urban Fantasy books. So far, Aten has hit the nail on all of them with very creative and original stories, and I’ve enjoyed all of them, thusfar! So, after reading the “Awkward” series, “Waking the Dreamer,” “Rules of the Road,” I was very optimistic and wanted to next explore Aten’s approach in Urban Fantasy, a genre I utterly enjoy in lesbian fiction, particularly in the world of vamps and weres. Enter “Running From Forever.”

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Music City Dreamers

– by Robyn Nyx


You’ve read how Robyn Nyx told her speculative fic stories, you’ve read how she tackled crime. How about a straight-up contemporary romance immersed in America’s country music scene, eh? That’s exactly what she’d given us in her latest, “Music City Dreamers.”

First off, I have to mention – LOUIE??!?!??!! I was very surprised cos if you’ve read “Changing in Time,” book 2 of Nyx’s Extractor trilogy, you’d know that Louie was a minor albeit engaging character that caught Landry’s attention. I thought it was a crackin’ idea for Nyx to pluck her out of oblivion and give her her own story! Outside-the-box brill! I loved Louie in “Changing.” So obviously I couldn’t wait to find out what Nyx had in-store for her in this contemporary romance that took her from the streets of Chicago to the heart of country music, Nashville.

Now this is prolly just me but the next thing that clearly stood out for me was Nyx’s approach to writing and telling this story as a standard contemporary romance – about country music dreamers, staying true to oneself, and obviously, that little thing called love. There was a distinct difference to her usual “voice” in her writing – in style, flow, tone and rhythm. Oh, don’t get me wrong, her primal beat was still rumbling beneath the surface, effectively placed at specific junctures in the story. Whether it was deliberate, it worked. I was struck by her ability to cater her “voice” to suit the needs, the nature and spirit of the story, resulting in this authentic sound of contemporary romance in a country music setting. It gave me a different kind of feel but equally compelling, soundly effective. Continue reading “Music City Dreamers”


– by Kris Bryant


I couldn’t wait to read Kris Bryant‘s latest, “Listen,” and when I did, let’s just say, she gave me a truly wonderful and amazing journey to experience in her brilliantly written story about Lily and Hope, superbly wrapped in the sensual world of MUSIC, with words that turned into music notes, played throughout the story like a sheet music. The language of music (me favourite kind apart from the language of maths) really shone in this remarkable story from the start. For her to create a character who was not only a music prodigy but also an actuary (simply put, a profession that has everything to do with numbers…maths!), delighted me to no end. To say that I was ecstatic about digging me heels into Lily’s journey would be an understatement! And Bryant nailed the bloody thing beyond me expectations! To me, “Listen” is her BEST work yet! It’s now one of me favourite lesfic stories and defo will be on me 2019 best list!

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