The Sovereign Of Psiere (Mystery of the Makers Book 1)

– by K Aten


Having read a few of her books of different genres, I can safely say that K. Aten has one wicked creative and imaginative mind! Her books I’d read so far had totally different takes on the popular genres and tropes. Her upcoming book, “The Sovereign of Psiere,” the first installment of her newest speculative fiction series, “Mystery Of The Makers,” is no exception. Only this time, it was the linguistic style that was creatively generated to tell the tale, not to mention, a couple of other characteristics that shaped the scope of the story even more uniquely different than the other spec fics in lesfic out there! Describing the series as a mixed genre is an understatement, surely! Read it and tell me I’m wrong! I honestly never came across a reading experience quite like I had with this book before! It was jam-packed with so many moving parts, presumably related to the overall arc of the series going forward, being introduced and displayed in Book 1 alone. Phew, what a rush! Needless to say, it wasn’t so much reading the book as experiencing it, for me. What a ride, indeed!

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Spinning Tales

– by Brey Willows


Brey Willows‘ latest, “Spinning Tales,” was a bag of sorts….the fairy tale kind. Before reading it, I was told that the story would be about a fairy tale amongst fairy tales. Didn’t have to be convinced much with that description, mind! So, when I received me copy, I was ready to set out on me journey to experience Willows’ land of wonders…fairy tale wonders. So…. Well, as Cypher famously said, “Buckle up, Dorothy, cause Kansas is going bye-bye!” And down the rabbit hole I went!

First off, let me get this out of me chest…. Brey Willows does FUNNY, too! Wicked! I mean, I was chuckling the whole time I was reading the early chapters and then throughout where I found meself chuckling again! I loved Maggie’s hilarious inner thoughts. Her constant confusion about her mates’ colloquialism, always settling on her own assumptions or even just dismissing it rather than asking for an explanation, hence, saving herself from embarrassment! LOL! And then, those “Want Ads!!” Original! Brilliant! Speaking of, besides them sounding a bit mad and amusing, they also kept me on me toes the whole time because I couldn’t stop wondering….! And just so you know, Maggie’s cat also kept me wondering… So, well done, Willows!

And before I move on any further into the story, who can forget the end of the Prologue, eh? Well, I bloody can’t! I mean, when I read the last passage, I was like…”Whaaa?!” No way! Totally didn’t expect THAT! You got me there, Ms. Willows! Brilliant!

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