Meet Me In The Middle

– by Yvonne Heidt


Having been one of my favourite paranormal lesfic authors, obviously I’ve read all of Yvonne Heidt‘s books, to date, including this 2017 outing, “Meet Me In The Middle.” My primary draw to Heidt’s books is because of her brilliant writing and narrative style of telling a paranormal story with a nod to her own abilities, which, for me, gives it a more personal, evocative feel when I read it. Doesn’t change even when I re-read her books. Which brings me to “Meet Me In The Middle,” that surprised me when I initially read it because Heidt took a decidedly different route. Yup, she shifted gears and crafted a romantic comedy! Not just any romantic comedy, mind, but one with a cheekily adorable twist, a quirky cast of characters, enriched with emotively written bittersweet moments that evoked deep introspective feels as Heidt manoeuvred the subject of grief. As I read those moments, I couldn’t help feeling that it had a touch of personal realism to it. A conjecture, obvs, but I did feel it, thus, making those moments even more resonating to me. Perhaps there was a reason that my reread occurred at this particular point in time. Oh well… prolly just me! Ignore.

Since I’d read this a year ago (and having been reading so many books since then), I couldn’t remember anything about it other than the fact that I’d enjoyed it immensely. So re-reading it not only gave me a good refresher and helped jog my memory about the plot, to my utter delight, it read even better the second time around! I’m glad I read this again!

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Going Up

– by A.E. Radley

Honestly, I feel like A.E. Radley can go no wrong lately with her writing and storytelling, churning out hit after hit that have delighted, warmed and thrilled my heart and mind! Her latest, “Going Up,” was no exception! In fact, I was positively enthralled just by the title of the first chapter, “The Suited Idiot,” alone! I mean, COME ON!!! Who wouldn’t be desperately curious to find out just who the suited idiot was and why they’d garner such an abrasive reference, eh? See, that’s one of the reasons I utterly adore and revere Radley’s writing – her endless wit and dry humour, her vernacular always leave me devouring her stories at not time at all! In other words, her narrative style and storytelling are just my cuppa tea!

Back to this book, it has one of my all-time favourite lesfic tropes – ICE QUEEN. Except in Radley’s case, her ice queen named Selina, was a little different than those I’ve come across in lesfic, thusfar. Continue reading “Going Up”

Cause and Affection

– by Sheryl Wright



I must admit, after having had a highly enjoyable read of my first-ever Sheryl Wright book, “Don’t Let Go” (cheers, K Aten, for rec-ing it on your recent Spec Tues post on TLR!), I was curious about her latest outing, “Cause and Affection,” after reading its blurb. Whereas I was utterly captivated by the macro and micro details of how a huge marine engineering company operated and functioned in “Don’t Let Go”, which naturally perked up my nerd, I was even more intrigued by the assumption that I’d also be given an inside look into the inner workings of advertising in “Cause and Affection“! I was not wrong and was I gratifyingly delighted, indeed! Much obliged, Ms. Wright!

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A Heart This Big

– by Cheyenne Blue


I had been waiting for Cheyenne Blue‘s next novel in anticipation since “Code of Conduct.” The wait was over when I had a chance to read her newest, “A Heart This Big!” Yup, I was already curious about it ever since reading its blurb and reading its excerpt reminded me of why I always enjoyed Blue’s writing. So naturally, when the entire story became available to me, I read it in one sitting. What a delightful, sweet romance, indeed! A rich girl/poor girl, city girl/rural girl, single mum country romance, Blue’s writing style allowed the story to flow ever-so smoothly and the romance between the two MCs, Nina and Leigh, to develop organically all throughout the story that I was immediately invested. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride from start to finish!

Blue opened the story with a slice of farm life with Nina, the owner of her inherited farm, and her 12-year-old daughter, Phoebe. Then I was immediately introduced to two characters, Stella and Billy, who’d play a pivotal role in not just turning Nina’s life upside down but would also inadvertently play cupid to Leigh and Nina! Fate really works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it? Continue reading “A Heart This Big”

The House

– by Eden Darry


Just look at the cover! Aesthetically sinister, innit? OK, I saw this cover recently, tried to stay away despite being instantly drawn to it because my current reads were overloaded already and I really needed to finish them first before I went mad with panic for not clearing the queue in a timely manner! I know…oddball nutter I am! But then the image of the ominous-looking, totally mesmerising house, photographed in a chilling, intimidating angle with that menacing ivy wrapped around it, kept resurfacing in my peripheral vision which eventually got the better of me. I couldn’t deny its disquieting allure anymore. The house was beckoning me!! Crikey! Yes, as soon as I found a tiny little space in-between books in my reading schedule, I managed to squeeze this in with a quick read (not having heard of the author before be damned!). Was I glad I did because, Eden Darry‘s “The House,” her full-length debut effort, I might add, satisfied most of my required ingredients in a properly written, plotted and constructed story, not just in the paranormal/horror genre in fiction but specifically in lesfic, with a compelling and captivating plot that also combined a couple of goodies to enrich the main ghost/paranormal plot – corporeal evil and clairvoyance! So, the story’s also crafted within the realm of the psychological thriller genre, too, cleverly serving as a backdrop to it main ghost/paranormal flavour.

As expected, the “look” of the house on the cover lived up to its implication as Darry introduced me to it when the two MCs along with their two kids had to move from the comfort of their house in the city to THE house in the outskirts, ala the countryside, to escape the horrors that happened to Sadie. Darry certainly didn’t mess about when she constructed that whole scenario involving Fin, Sadie, the other prospective buyers and the estate agent of the house early on in the book that ended with my hairs standing up on the back of my neck! Yup, that tingle that I always crave for when reading books of this genre? Well, Darry went and did it…with a subtle chill. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Bloody well done!

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Practice Makes Perfect

– by Carsen Taite


I was thrilled to read Carsen Taite‘s latest legal romance, “Practice Makes Perfect,” which is the first installment of her brand new “Legal Affairs” romance series. Book 1 started off with the introduction of three besties since their law school years, Campbell, Grace and Abby, all 5th year associates currently slogging their way to make partner in bog-standard big law firms they were “enslaved” in! Taite’s first MC for Book 1 was obviously Campbell, the “leader” of the trio, so to speak. A maverick, slick, always thinking outside the box coming up with big ideas, Campbell was 1/3 of the popular trio nicknamed “Charlie’s Angels” back in law school with the other two “Angels” being Grace and Abby, obvs. The trio was not only popular but were part of the “in-crowd” and all that whilst at school, you get the idea. After pitching her “Big Idea” to her besties – opening their own law firm with equal partnership – Campbell set out to land a potential big deal for their firm….but with a caveat….obviously!

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Forget It

– by Claire Highton-Stevenson


I utterly enjoyed Claire Highton-Stevenson‘s latest romance, “Forget It.” To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect as I couldn’t remember what I read in the blurb before. But instead of refreshing my memory, I decided to just dive right in with the story instead. I’m so glad I did that because I soon discovered for myself that there were a few tropes that Highton-Stevenson weaved into her story, which pleased me to no end. Tropes that I’m a fan of – age-gap, ice queen, rich girl/poor girl, second chance in the romance genre! As if those weren’t enough to thrill me, there was that big twist involved (ironic that of all blurbs, this one had to be the one I didn’t remember, innit?) which, surprise sur-bloody-prise, was what triggered the second chance trope, much to my delight! I’ve always loved that kind of twist in the romance. The couple of lesfic romance related to this subject matter that I’d read previously were utterly brilliant. This particular one, though, really tugged at my heartstrings during the time when I needed something warm and cosy to soothe my mind and Highton-Stevenson’s weaving of that “knotted thread” into her romantic tale just hit on everything that I was looking for. In essence, it was perfect timing, really, for me to read this book! This brilliantly depicted insta-love-turned-second chance romance between an ex-Army veteran and an HR manager of a retail store was so heartwarming, adorably sweet with just a hint of tension, fun, compelling and heartfelt. I enjoyed every bit of it until the very end!  And what a delish epilogue to wrap up a thoroughly entertaining, cosy, feel-good romance! Also, it’s a perfect holiday romance too, if you ask me!

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