– by Kris Bryant


I couldn’t wait to read Kris Bryant‘s latest, “Listen,” and when I did, let’s just say, she gave me a truly wonderful and amazing journey to experience in her brilliantly written story about Lily and Hope, superbly wrapped in the sensual world of MUSIC, with words that turned into music notes, played throughout the story like a sheet music. The language of music (me favourite kind apart from the language of maths) really shone in this remarkable story from the start. For her to create a character who was not only a music prodigy but also an actuary (simply put, a profession that has everything to do with numbers…maths!), delighted me to no end. To say that I was ecstatic about digging me heels into Lily’s journey would be an understatement! And Bryant nailed the bloody thing beyond me expectations! To me, “Listen” is her BEST work yet! It’s now one of me favourite lesfic stories and defo will be on me 2019 best list!

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– by Anna Burke

A holiday gift surprise fell onto me lap whilst I was on holiday, courtesy of the very kind and generous Salem West of Bywater Books! (Ta, mate!) Yes, it was in the form of a book (me fav form!)!

Thorn” by Anna Burke.

Never read anything by this author ever before.

Wow. To say the book captivated me was an understatement. I was hooked, lined and sinkered. From the first paragraph. Literally.

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The Sea

– by KL Hughes

I normally don’t comment on shorts but KL Hughes‘ “The Sea” is a rare exception for me because…WOW! What a SPELLBINDING supernatural lesfic short, indeed! As usual, Hughes’ beautiful, poetic, lyrical words simply mesmerised!

Ohhh…Louise and Nicole… Seductive!

First off, I didn’t know anything about the story except that there was a professor, Louise, and a mysterious student of hers, Nicole. But because it was Hughes’ lesfic work, and being that I’ve always enjoyed her lyrically poetic writing style and storytelling (“Popcorn Love” and “The Art of Us“), I just had to check out this mysteriously-sounding story. Plus, hey, didn’t hurt that Ylva offered it for FREE, did it?

From the first words in the story describing Louise and her disposition, particularly in regard to the ever-mysterious student of hers who just showed up one day in her classroom, Nicole, I was completely hooked. Addicted. Anyway, for reasons Louise couldn’t fathom, every sense of her being seemed to be bewitched by the mere appearance of Nicole which Hughes described in every colourful, seductively mesmerising detail so vividly that I could literally feel the magnetic pull that Louise was feeling for Nicole! Therein lied the dilemma…..Louise’s dilemma. There was no chance in hell she was going to let herself be tempted because of a vitally crucial life-changing reason. Yes, she carried a long-held, very dark secret that she’d hidden about herself and did not want it to ruin or taint Nicole in any way. In essence, Louise really didn’t have any choice.

But the more Louise tried to make herself scarce, the more she found her seemingly unavoidable student to be always lurking in her orbit, not to mention her ever-hypnotic aroma and energy that would literally rendered Louise useless! And that could never be as far as struggling Louise was concerned! Poor soul! So, desperate times called for desperate measures. She blatantly avoided Nicole who was just behaving innocently with her, either asking her about the course or seeking guidance like any other student of hers, really.

Then, the final act happened and what a shocking twist, indeed! Left me desperately yearning for more because the words, the expressions of the final scene were so sublimely lyrical with utterly stunning visuals lulling my consciousness into complete satiation. So crushingly intoxicating were the effects! What a superb ending! One word: Poetic.

I would most definitely read anything related to this brilliantly created, deliciously sizzling, original story if Hughes were to explore it further. But this short ticks every box in the storytelling narrative, though. In only 4K words, Hughes managed to convey a beautifully crafted story, complete with solidly described characters, situations, the plot and the mystery that gnawed at me senses from the start that kept me guessing until the very end! So, bloody well done, Hughes! I’m gobsmacked!

An enthusiastic MUST-READ! In only 10 minutes of reading, you’ll get to experience one of the most creative, original, not to mention, breathtakingly rousing tales of mystery and the supernatural!

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The Big Uneasy

– by A.E. Radley

I recently lucked out and won a free advance copy of A. E. Radley‘s latest, “The Big Uneasy,” the sequel to her critically-acclaimed lesfic novel and one of me favourites (the best road trip lesfic romance I’ve read yet!), “The Road Ahead,” in the Around the World Series!

Anyway, “The Big Uneasy,” was such a delightful, fun, exciting, exhilarating and utterly satisfying read for me! I literally devoured it in mere short hours! Let’s just say that I was so engrossed with the story that I didn’t even know I’d finished reading the last word of the story until realisation set in that I was reading the post-story commentary from the author herself! I must say, I never experienced that before in me years of reading countless books that I loved! So, you can just imagine how absorbing the story was….at least for me and me mind! Although it is a sequel, you can definitely read it as a stand-alone, if you haven’t read Book 1, “The Road Ahead” (why in the bloody hell not?!). But if you’ve read it, I reckon you’ll definitely enjoy this sequel and have so much fun with uncovering the next step of Arabella and Rebecca’s journey like I did…and then some. I was positively elated by what Radley had written for these two beloved characters and their journey together, especially Arabella, one of me favourite characters in lesfic!

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Passionate Rivals

– by Radclyffe


Radclyffe‘s new medical romance series, formerly called “ER Romance,” has a new name. The series is to be set in Philadelphia Medical Center (PMC), hence, the new series name, “PMC Hospital Romance,” which if you’ve read Rad’s “ER Romance” series, you’d remember “Fated Love” (first in the series) with Honor & Quinn practising ER/Trauma at the PMC. So it makes sense for the series’ name change, obvs. Also, in commemorating the “rebirth” of the series, the beloved couple, Honor and Quinn, would be re-introduced in the subsequent installments of the series, starting from Rad’s latest, “Passionate Rivals,” the 4th book. Like Rad’s other serials, we will definitely be reading about characters and couples from the series’ previous books as well as a new cast of characters and romantic couplings in each installment, as observed in this latest one.

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Djara: Book One

– by Kat Evans

Reading Kat Evans’ “Djara: Book One” was quite an experience because every page led to more anticipation until….[as I remember exclaiming to meself like a nutter at that moment] “What?! No more pages left?! Where’s the rest?!” JESUS-FCKN-CHRISTt! 😫

Anyway, what an intensely thrilling story, with this gorgeously rugged, fearless, deadly, gun-slinging bounty hunter, Djara, whose latest mission led her back to a place she’d rather forget.  And then there was Eden, with her own dark past, who obviously had history with Djara. Ohhh….their chemistry was instantaneous! Evans, if you know her work already, is brilliant in crafting words so penetratingly sensual and erotic to create this undeniably sizzling chemistry between her protagonists that you can’t help but feel their desire, their hidden passion, burning just beneath the thin facade of denial or control. Stunningly intoxicating.

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