– by Anna Burke

A holiday gift surprise fell onto me lap whilst I was on holiday, courtesy of the very kind and generous Salem West of Bywater Books! (Ta, mate!) Yes, it was in the form of a book (me fav form!)!

Thorn” by Anna Burke.

Never read anything by this author ever before.

Wow. To say the book captivated me was an understatement. I was hooked, lined and sinkered. From the first paragraph. Literally.

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Breaking Down Her Walls

– by Erin Zak

I didn’t think I would be reading this book, “Breaking Down Her Walls” by Erin Zak until I read Rachael Byrne‘s review posted on Les Rêveur that piqued me interest. Not having had any experience with this author or her books, I dug in without any expectations, really. Am I glad I did because the first act itself hooked me right in!

First off, I have to mention that the style in which Zak utilised was something I’d only experienced once before (if me memory serves me right!) or let’s just say, a rarity in me reading history – third-person in present tense. Me reckons it’s not a common style authors use. In fact, the only time (if I remember correctly!) I came across it whilst reading, I remember it being very jarring for me that I noticed it immediately. I had to really get used to it. Fortunately the storytelling and the writing was solid so I didn’t mind it one bit. THIS book, however, I must say, I didn’t even notice it until my realisation hit after I finished because Zak somehow infused the style with such smoothness in the word flow that I read it like it was in any other usual style of writing!  Continue reading “Breaking Down Her Walls”

Falling Hard

– by Keira Michelle Telford

I don’t usually comment on shorts/novellas but Keira Michelle Telford‘s novella “Falling Hard,” is an exception. A rare one. The story was ingeniously masterminded by Telford based on a REAL-LIFE person! Like Mary Jane Kelly in “Quicunque Vult,” who was also a real-life person, Telford, once again, used her resourceful mastery in research to uncover everything about Evelyn Francis McHale, the real-life person to whom Telford based her short. Besides using a real-life person to create a story, a lesbian story, no less (which is already a brilliantly creative innovation in lesfic, imo), the rarity of Telford’s extraordinary short that has inspired me to comment on it is because it is about McHale’s real-life tragedy, whose iconic image was immortalised in Life magazine on 12th May, 1947.

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