All The Reasons I Need (Paradise Series Book 2)

– by Jaime Clevenger


I utterly loved Jaime Clevenger‘s “Three Reasons To Say Yes,” Book 1 of the Paradise Romance series (and my first book of hers), which incidentally made my favourite lesfic books of 2018. So when I heard that there was going to be a sequel exploring the romance between Mo and Kate, the secondary characters featured in Book 1, who were Julia’s BFFs, I was thrilled! “All The Reasons I Need,” whilst can be read as a stand-alone, if you ask me, I would highly recommend reading Book 1 first simply because Mo and Kate were heavily featured in it with details about their characters and relationship. That said, Clevenger did give a general recap about what transpired between these two best mates in Book 1 in this installment. But I’d still recommend giving “Three Reasons…” a read, perhaps after reading this sequel if not before.

Mo and Kate. I was intrigued by their characters and their relationship as part of the trio of BFFs since college sixteen years ago – Julia, Mo and Kate – when they were introduced in Book 1. Their relationship got even closer as they ended up spending most of the time with each other when Julia was busy falling in love with Reed whilst they were all on holiday in Hawaii. Things happened which led to the start of this story.

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Wooing The Farmer (Axedale Series Book 3)

– by Jenny Frame


**LOVE the cover! Oh-so colourful, so quaint! Bright and joy! Look at the reflection?! So pretty! Makes me happy every time I look at it! Well done!**

I’ve been looking forward to reading this third installment of Jenny Frame‘s Axedale Series, “Wooing The Farmer!!!” So naturally, I devoured it in one short sitting as soon as I received it! I couldn’t wait to see what Frame had in-store for me favourite farmer, Quade, the shy, adorable, terribly forlorn and lonesome butch who had been looking for the love of her life, the femme of her dreams since Book 1. Aaarghhhh!! Poor Quade!

Not anymore!!! Thank Christ!!

And the ideal femme of Quade’s dreams? Well, just wait ’til you read all about Penelope Huntingdon-Stewart (Penny)! Wow! Talk about THE femme of the femmes!!! Frame’s detailed description of Penny was so vivid that I could see clearly – with the many bright girly/feminine colours and cute cartoony prints that accompanied them in all of her attire including her footwear, her make-up, accessories, the lot – what exactly she looked like! As if those weren’t enough to describe a stereotypical-looking femme, Penny also had a dog, a brown toy poodle named Princess Baby Bear who accompanied her everywhere in the designer dog bag she carried with her all the time. Yes, Penelope Huntingdon-Stewart and Princess Baby Bear. There you have it. Hats off, Frame, for creating this unapologetic, extremely femme-looking femme, whom I’d never come across in any lesfic character described quite like her before! How absolutely refreshing and exciting especially when Penny came face-to-face with the other end of the spectrum – yes, the ultimate butch-looking butch, Quade!! Ah yes, let’s not forget that this is a fairy tale romance. Perfection!

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Ask Me Again

– by E.J. Noyes

I was very excited when I first heard that E.J. Noyes would be writing a sequel to her debut novel, “Ask, Tell,” which had instantly secured a place on my list of favourite stories in lesfic! Romance in the era of America’s military “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, what with all the stolen glances, the hidden feelings, the nuances of forbidden love, not just because of DADT but also because of the superior-subordinate relationship between the two protagonists, Rebecca (Bec) and Sabine, that complicated things when the professional line was crossed into the personal. Oh, the unforgettable third act..! Yup, that was “Ask, Tell” in a nutshell, which I enthusiastically recommend everyone to read, btw! I loved Bec. She’s one of me fav lesfic characters. She and Sabine’s chemistry was written so authentically, their relationship organically weaved that they also became one of me favourite couples, thanks to Noyes’ exquisite storytelling.  

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The Sex Therapist Next Door

– by Meghan O’Brien

Finished Meghan O’Brien‘s “The Sex Therapist Next Door” and I’m…just….😳😵 Speechless. Just when I thought O’Brien’s erotic romance writing genius couldn’t get any more 🔥, BAM 💥! She turns the notch way UP in this one! PHWOAR! 🔥🔥🔥

Mind. Fckn. Exploded. 🤯

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Lost For Words

– by Andrea Bramhall


The title of Andrea Bramhall‘s latest book, “Lost For Words,” is so befitting because I was lost for words after reading it. Brilliant doesn’t even begin to describe how the story had impacted my entire realm of consciousness, my psyche. Devastatingly resonating, achingly memorable, infinitely heartening and emotionally inspirational. Quiet peace. This book is now my favourite Bramhall story as well as one of my all-time favourite lesfic stories (Blimey! 2nd one from the same author? Rare for me!). In my opinion, this book is her best work yet. The writing was so personal, so affective, the story so all-encompassing and transcendent.

Lost for Words” is not your regular romance/love story, where it centres around 2 protagonists. This love story has a larger meaning to it, which involves not only the relationship between Jac and Sasha (the 2 main romantic protagonists) but also between Sasha and her mum, Fleur. And cementing the depths of these two loves, Bramhall gave us the unreserved love of friendship and sense of family in Sophie, Mags (Jac’s best mates and family) and Bobbi (Sasha’s best mate and family, Fleur’s other daughter she never had). These intertwining loves and connections slowly but surely blended together and united as a complete family unit in the end, which Bramhall, imo, weaved so organically it was beautiful, absorbing and poignant to read and experience wholeheartedly.

Peter Pan.

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