– by Kris Bryant


Kris Bryant‘s latest outing, “Tinsel,” was inundated with holiday feels! Well, obviously because…just look at the cover! Right? Well, more than that, it was a quirky, bashful, witty, whimsical (yes!) story about life after a break-up, taking a chance, letting go and just…. having fun with the new, the unknown, in life.

It was a different kind of writing and storytelling style for Bryant in this novella. Well, at least different for me compared to her previous work, in the tone, rhythm and sound of her word flow and expressions, especially the situation with Jessica’s state of mind and her bad break-up (of the worst kind!) which seeped into her workplace, too because… well, you know the saying, “Don’t sh*t where you eat?” The wit and caricature style in the “wicked witch” characteristics and behaviour department were fun to read. Is it just me or do I detect a hint of Brayden-esque, no? Oh well… just me then…

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Meet Me In The Middle

– by Yvonne Heidt


Having been one of my favourite paranormal lesfic authors, obviously I’ve read all of Yvonne Heidt‘s books, to date, including this 2017 outing, “Meet Me In The Middle.” My primary draw to Heidt’s books is because of her brilliant writing and narrative style of telling a paranormal story with a nod to her own abilities, which, for me, gives it a more personal, evocative feel when I read it. Doesn’t change even when I re-read her books. Which brings me to “Meet Me In The Middle,” that surprised me when I initially read it because Heidt took a decidedly different route. Yup, she shifted gears and crafted a romantic comedy! Not just any romantic comedy, mind, but one with a cheekily adorable twist, a quirky cast of characters, enriched with emotively written bittersweet moments that evoked deep introspective feels as Heidt manoeuvred the subject of grief. As I read those moments, I couldn’t help feeling that it had a touch of personal realism to it. A conjecture, obvs, but I did feel it, thus, making those moments even more resonating to me. Perhaps there was a reason that my reread occurred at this particular point in time. Oh well… prolly just me! Ignore.

Since I’d read this a year ago (and having been reading so many books since then), I couldn’t remember anything about it other than the fact that I’d enjoyed it immensely. So re-reading it not only gave me a good refresher and helped jog my memory about the plot, to my utter delight, it read even better the second time around! I’m glad I read this again!

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