Black Ridge Falls (Above & Beyond Series Book 6)

– by Jody Klaire

At. Long. Last. After a long, torturous wait for the release of Book 6 of Jody Klaire‘s phenomenal Above & Beyond saga, “Black Ridge Falls,” (BRF) finally arrived, and I was beside meself  with utter excitement!! And, obviously, I went through it at lightning speed! Saying that “BRF” was a page-turner is a major understatement! Crikey! I was practically panting for breath after the last page was turned (swiped) and realised that I’d been holding me breath the entire time I was reading the final act! Bloody hell! My adrenaline levels were still off the charts I was literally bouncing off the walls from all the excitement, the thrills, the crushing feels, the…too much to list!, hours after I finished reading it! I’m still reeling from it now! Needless to say, I was completely and utterly sated!

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