– by Charlotte Mills


**Sometimes a book cover sets up the mood, tells the story or raises the level of curiosity and intrigue. THIS cover satisfies all. The contrast. Beauty and ugliness. Calm and chaos. In the midst of beauty and calm illuminating the dark forest lies chaos. Its name is Spade and its mission? “Payback.” Can you feel it?**


If you haven’t read Charlotte Mills‘ latest, “Payback,” her first Ylva-published novel, and you’re a fan of crime/mystery (with a compelling romance, to boot!), you really ought to, imo!

Craftily original. Insidiously unassuming. Slyly-weaved web. Pure FUN.

And the twist? *slow clap*


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Spinning Tales

– by Brey Willows


Brey Willows‘ latest, “Spinning Tales,” was a bag of sorts….the fairy tale kind. Before reading it, I was told that the story would be about a fairy tale amongst fairy tales. Didn’t have to be convinced much with that description, mind! So, when I received me copy, I was ready to set out on me journey to experience Willows’ land of wonders…fairy tale wonders. So…. Well, as Cypher famously said, “Buckle up, Dorothy, cause Kansas is going bye-bye!” And down the rabbit hole I went!

First off, let me get this out of me chest…. Brey Willows does FUNNY, too! Wicked! I mean, I was chuckling the whole time I was reading the early chapters and then throughout where I found meself chuckling again! I loved Maggie’s hilarious inner thoughts. Her constant confusion about her mates’ colloquialism, always settling on her own assumptions or even just dismissing it rather than asking for an explanation, hence, saving herself from embarrassment! LOL! And then, those “Want Ads!!” Original! Brilliant! Speaking of, besides them sounding a bit mad and amusing, they also kept me on me toes the whole time because I couldn’t stop wondering….! And just so you know, Maggie’s cat also kept me wondering… So, well done, Willows!

And before I move on any further into the story, who can forget the end of the Prologue, eh? Well, I bloody can’t! I mean, when I read the last passage, I was like…”Whaaa?!” No way! Totally didn’t expect THAT! You got me there, Ms. Willows! Brilliant!

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Running From Forever (Blood Resonance Book 1)

– by K. Aten


K. Aten‘s latest outing, “Running From Forever,” the first in the “Blood Resonance” series, was the fourth genre that I encountered from her books, so far. Talk about a writer with creative pursuits spanning nearly all lesfic genres, eh? Let’s see, I’ve read her Sci-Fi, Speculative, Contemporary Romance and now Urban Fantasy books. So far, Aten has hit the nail on all of them with very creative and original stories, and I’ve enjoyed all of them, thusfar! So, after reading the “Awkward” series, “Waking the Dreamer,” “Rules of the Road,” I was very optimistic and wanted to next explore Aten’s approach in Urban Fantasy, a genre I utterly enjoy in lesbian fiction, particularly in the world of vamps and weres. Enter “Running From Forever.”

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Wooing The Farmer (Axedale Series Book 3)

– by Jenny Frame


**LOVE the cover! Oh-so colourful, so quaint! Bright and joy! Look at the reflection?! So pretty! Makes me happy every time I look at it! Well done!**

I’ve been looking forward to reading this third installment of Jenny Frame‘s Axedale Series, “Wooing The Farmer!!!” So naturally, I devoured it in one short sitting as soon as I received it! I couldn’t wait to see what Frame had in-store for me favourite farmer, Quade, the shy, adorable, terribly forlorn and lonesome butch who had been looking for the love of her life, the femme of her dreams since Book 1. Aaarghhhh!! Poor Quade!

Not anymore!!! Thank Christ!!

And the ideal femme of Quade’s dreams? Well, just wait ’til you read all about Penelope Huntingdon-Stewart (Penny)! Wow! Talk about THE femme of the femmes!!! Frame’s detailed description of Penny was so vivid that I could see clearly – with the many bright girly/feminine colours and cute cartoony prints that accompanied them in all of her attire including her footwear, her make-up, accessories, the lot – what exactly she looked like! As if those weren’t enough to describe a stereotypical-looking femme, Penny also had a dog, a brown toy poodle named Princess Baby Bear who accompanied her everywhere in the designer dog bag she carried with her all the time. Yes, Penelope Huntingdon-Stewart and Princess Baby Bear. There you have it. Hats off, Frame, for creating this unapologetic, extremely femme-looking femme, whom I’d never come across in any lesfic character described quite like her before! How absolutely refreshing and exciting especially when Penny came face-to-face with the other end of the spectrum – yes, the ultimate butch-looking butch, Quade!! Ah yes, let’s not forget that this is a fairy tale romance. Perfection!

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Rules Of The Road

by K. Aten


K. Aten‘s “Rules of the Road” was such a fantabulous reading experience for me!

It’s Nerdy. It’s Quirky. It’s riotously Funny. It’s Romantic. It’s Engaging. It’s All Around GOOD FUN!

A comprehensively-written, unadulterated journey of two heartbroken souls who inadvertently “found” each other in one of the most unlikely places you can ever imagine. In the car! Via a driving app! Cor! Now THAT’s what I’m talking about – original and bloody creative! Driving App?! Blimey! That’s genius! I absolutely loved the fact that they only ever interacted and got to know each other via the App in the initial stages of their acquaintance, so to speak! Strangely, I thought of that movie, “You’ve Got Mail,” where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks never met either and struck up a virtual friendship via e-mail! So, in effect, Jamie (or as I prefer her nick, James!) and Kelsey’s App interaction was like a massive upgrade of “YGM“‘s virtual communication, innit? Plus, could they BE any more adorable than to be immortalised by their App – a nerd car (James) and a rainbow car (Kelsey) avatars on their screens, eh? Awww… a-bloody-dorbs!

And then OMG, the humour!! So bloody fresh and quirky! I never heard those words or expressions before in me life!!! I mean, bloody hell if I didn’t have a blast reading such colourful, crackin’ vernacular, sniggering endlessly! James’ hilarious outbursts in the car and Kelsey’s more aggressive ones (especially with her cats!) kept me so very entertained! I couldn’t get enough of ’em, tbh! LOL! Thank you, Ms. Aten, for introducing me to such colloquial delights!

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Music City Dreamers

– by Robyn Nyx


You’ve read how Robyn Nyx told her speculative fic stories, you’ve read how she tackled crime. How about a straight-up contemporary romance immersed in America’s country music scene, eh? That’s exactly what she’d given us in her latest, “Music City Dreamers.”

First off, I have to mention – LOUIE??!?!??!! I was very surprised cos if you’ve read “Changing in Time,” book 2 of Nyx’s Extractor trilogy, you’d know that Louie was a minor albeit engaging character that caught Landry’s attention. I thought it was a crackin’ idea for Nyx to pluck her out of oblivion and give her her own story! Outside-the-box brill! I loved Louie in “Changing.” So obviously I couldn’t wait to find out what Nyx had in-store for her in this contemporary romance that took her from the streets of Chicago to the heart of country music, Nashville.

Now this is prolly just me but the next thing that clearly stood out for me was Nyx’s approach to writing and telling this story as a standard contemporary romance – about country music dreamers, staying true to oneself, and obviously, that little thing called love. There was a distinct difference to her usual “voice” in her writing – in style, flow, tone and rhythm. Oh, don’t get me wrong, her primal beat was still rumbling beneath the surface, effectively placed at specific junctures in the story. Whether it was deliberate, it worked. I was struck by her ability to cater her “voice” to suit the needs, the nature and spirit of the story, resulting in this authentic sound of contemporary romance in a country music setting. It gave me a different kind of feel but equally compelling, soundly effective. Continue reading “Music City Dreamers”

Eastside / Westside / Love

– by Eliza Andrews



Eliza Andrews‘ latest novel, “Eastside / Westside / Love,” literally placed the love story between two women from vastly different backgrounds under a microscope in order to examine and explore the implications of some of the most pertinent and very relevant social and political issues today – race, class, inequality and gentrification – to determine if the power of love could conquer all that came between them. In essence, it was a heavy-hitting socio-politcal commentary wrapped in a compellingly-told, complex love story. Talk about complicated!

From the start, I could sense Andrews’ passion and determination to tell not just another complex love story but one that provokes the psyche into delving into the deepest recesses of the mind to reflect on the fundamental beliefs about race and class when it comes to the pursuit of true love, on top of all the usual emotional facets that come with it. And in America, race is still a highly-charged topic especially between Caucasians (white) and African-Americans (black). Yes, I’ve read lesfic romances involving a black woman and a white woman from different class/social status but they barely scratched the surfaces of how race and class would play a consequential role in their love and relationship. Reckon it’s too difficult and uncomfortable to delve into it. But not for Andrews. If you’ve been following her blog, you’d know that she’s always been very vocal about how she feels when it comes to race and class in America, the inequality and how systemic gentrification has increased the inequality gap between rich and poor, with the common denominator being race, in recent times. Worse since America’s new administration came into power and divisive politics has further degraded the unity of the nation as one people. Anyway, Andrews managed to weave a love story that tackled these very issues with as much sensitivity as she could whilst being utterly honest. Needless to say, I was left with some reflective thoughts to ponder.

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