The Extractor Trilogy (Book 1 – 3)

– by Robyn Nyx


*The following commentary applies to ALL 3 Books, “Escape in Time,” “Change in Time,” and “Death in Time” in The Extractor Trilogy.*

I finally decided to dive into Robyn Nyx‘s much-talked-about The Extractor Trilogy after contemplating for much too long because…. Time travel. Yes, I have a complicated relationship with this subject matter in fiction, be it in books or on-screen, for the longest time. I read a lot of non-fiction science books, in particular, those related to quantum physics/mechanics and its subsets, the many theories and hypotheses, mathematical proofs. Obviously, the most popular question when dealing with this highly debated subject matter has always been time travel. But I’d been let down previously because they all ended up using the same old, tired “Back to the Future” method which I can’t accept in me head! I’ve been searching for a good time travel book in fiction that at least tries to venture into a more updated, more probable theory, specifically in quantum physics that relates to current hot topics amongst the science/astrophysics community, i.e. multiverse/parallel universes, string theory, quantum entanglement, etc. Nyx’s Trilogy sounded, based on its blurbs, very intriguing and me curiosity was definitely piqued when I first found out about it. I resisted. But I kept going back to read the reviews on GR. Highly rated and reviewed but none of them touched on the “science” part of time travel in the books. So I was still wary of disappointment yet again. Then one day, for no reason at all, I just felt compelled to read The Extractor Trilogy. So I followed me instincts. Thank Christ I did because…let’s just say, I ended up binge-reading all three of them at lightning speed! It was abso-bloody-lutely a THRILL to ride the journey! The methodology of Nyx’s time travel, whilst still clinging to the way that cannot beat the grandfather’s paradox, but did expand into something like the multiverse theory (albeit only indicated, at least in me own interpretation, not mentioned directly) and a couple of possibilities that I could accept on face value so in the end, I could forego some others, which “troubled” me, (I know, I’m one crazy nerd!) through a bit of suspension of disbelief on me part. This made me reading experience infinitely more exciting and fun (because I didn’t have to reject the notion every 5 minutes like I used to when I read the others that let me down!).

The Extractor Trilogy, comprised of “Escape in Time” (Book 1), “Change in Time” (Book 2) and “Death in Time” (Book 3), is about a group of time travellers trained by a highly secretive, non-governmental private organisation, Pulsus, to go back in time to change specific events in order to influence the future (the present time depicted in the books) by neutralising or moving the person(s) responsible. Each “jump” is usually led by 2 teams: first team comprising of Operatives (responsible for scouting the targets locales and establishing positions before the 2nd team arrives, which takes a bit of time with every mission, days/weeks/months or even years) and the 2nd team led by an Extractor, charged with the mission of neutralising/moving the human target(s).

The Extractor Trilogy is one EPIC story spanning all 3 books. I see it as a 3-act story structure, so to speak – Act I = “Escape“; Act II = “Change,” and finally Act III = “Death.”

Escape — Change — Death

Beautiful and poetic, innit?
(well, you’ll see what I mean when you read the entire series)

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Full English

– by Rachel Spangler

Thanks to Rachael Byrne (Les Rêveur), I won a couple of books from Bywater Books months ago and the ever-lovely Salem West (you rock, mate!) let me choose something that wasn’t published yet then but was listed, and that was Rachel Spangler‘s “Full English,” which is released on the pub’s site now and widely on 12th February. So, I received it and basically breezed through it. What a lovely and delightfully quaint, heartwarming story, indeed!

First off, the cover. Ok, someone, just give the incomparably gifted Ann McMan ALL the awards already! Just look at the cover! The colours! The lavenders! So vivid that I could literally smell me favourite scent amongst all flowers (because it doesn’t smell floral at all, thank heavens!) – in the name of the ENGLISH lavender! Yes, I stress on the “English” type because the French ones…well, I’ll let Spangler’s words (through Brogan) from the book elaborate why because when I read it I let out a chuckle because that’s exactly how I feel about the comparison! Anyway, the always eye-catching McMan cover, alone, only increased me already-excited feel about “Full English” (because I was curious about Spangler’s debut story set in England!). And Spangler sure didn’t disappoint! And well done, Ms. McMan!

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Compass Rose

– by Anna Burke

After a captivating read of Anna Burke‘s latest novel, “Thorn,” obviously I HAD to read her debut work, “Compass Rose.” The critics were right. By gosh, what a fantastic, thrilling, captivating ride indeed! This swashbuckling action-adventure where I got to read about pirates, mercs, and the military all converging in the high seas (not to mention monsters!), marking their territories and warring for more was exceptionally depicted with persistently vivid visualisations of each and every situation, environment, surroundings, all described with such realism that I was transported to every scene that Burke created, like I was there meself, observing every action and sequence….virtually!

Burke’s “Compass Rose,” at times, was reminiscent of Jules Verne’s classic sea voyage adventure literature, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea,” and at times reminded me of “The Pirates of the Carribean,” for me. Except, Burke’s voyage was infinitely better for me, imho, because of many factors, namely, all the badarse, kick-arse leading characters were WOMEN! Bloody hell YES! Having expressed just how much I loved Burke’s literary, lyrical writing style in “Thorn,” Burke continued to impress me to no end with her brilliant knack for creating a glorious sense of music in her richly descriptive, heart-tugging words in every scenario and dialogue/monologue that somehow transformed into lyrical notes in me head as I read on!

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Escape To Pleasure: Lesbian Travel Erotica

– by Sandy Lowe and Victoria Villasenor (Editors)

THIS was me first anthology of 2019 and it was a doozy!! First and foremost, BRIT RYDER!!! Yes, ever since reading her debut erotic novella, “Shameless,” she had become one of me favourite authors, obvs, and I had been twiddling me thumbs waiting patiently for her next endeavour and….voila!!! What dy’a know?! Enter “Mistakes Happen” in this antho, “Escape To Pleasure!!” Yay! I must say, even with just Ryder’s story alone, I would own a copy of the antho and read the entire thing in a heartbeat! AND, the icing for this one? Discovered that another one of me favourite authors, Jeannie Levig, also had a story in this fast-becoming-an-amazing-antho-for-me book!! WHA?!! I was beside meself with utter glee, to say the least! Woohoo! Lucky me! I’ll get to Ryder and Levig’s stories in a mo but let me first disclaim that I usually don’t comment on anthologies (with the exception of one other because of one of me favourite authors included in it) and never erotica anthos, but with TWO of me faves in this particular one? Sod it, I’ll do it!

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Winter Hearts

– by Eliza AndrewsLila Bruce, Giselle Fox, Anne HaganJea HawkinsCara MaloneT.B. MarkinsonA.E. Radley, Adan RamieEmma Sterner-RadleyEm StevensNatasha West

If you haven’t grabbed a copy of A.E. Radley et al’s holiday short story anthology, “Winter Hearts,” GET. IT. NOW.

First off, every story has a significant volume of written words, so the antho is not your bog-standard 200-paged ones with only very brief stories in them. This one is jammed packed. It’s a thick volume (962 pages!) which is HEAVENLY to me as someone who loves reading good books that pack a punch in the quantity of words/pages department! Also, apart from a couple of me favourite authors involved in this fab antho, some of the other indie authors Radley managed to corralled are those whom I’ve heard a lot of good things about but sadly haven’t had a chance to venture into their work. So this antho is the perfect start for me to get to know their work and I’m so very excited about it!

Also, this anthology was put together for a GOOD cause! All profits go to the Trevor Project AND Stonewall! Thank you, Amanda & the other authors!!! You lot have given me a fantastic early holiday gift! Much appreciated!

Me favourite is the 1st story, written by one of me favourite authors, Eliza Andrews and it was a doozy! LOVED it! Oh, the originality of weaving this love story that spanned since the protags’ school days, with compelling flashbacks and oh, the song choices…! Made the story utterly poetic and lyrical. It was as if the songs breathed life to the story and the two absolutely captivating characters. Ohhhh….me heart! Utterly heartwarming and what a memorable story, indeed! You just have to read it!

And I have to mention Radley’s story. It was actually a mini sequel to Holly & Victoria’s journey from “Bring Holly Home“!! If you read the book, you won’t want to miss this sequel!

Anyway…go get this whopper of a festive anthology, peeps! I love the cover, btw! So warm and cosy!

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Royal Court (A Royal Romance Story #3)

– by Jenny Frame

I was excited to read the 3rd installment of Jenny Frame‘s popular “A Royal Romance” series, “Royal Court.” The story was especially intriguing to me because Holly Weaver, one of Bea’s (Queen Consort) besties and her Royal Dresser, finally had her story told! I always wondered what her story was going to be about (obviously hoping, at that time, that Frame would write it! Little did I know….) since her introduction in Book #1, “A Royal Romance.” I was intrigued by her fiery character and always wondered if she was truly what she professed to be – a hetero man-eater. You know, a person who feels the need to clarify their sexuality or self-profess their sexual lifestyle for everyone to hear, always gives me this “a lady doth protest too much” feeling, if you catch me drift! So, I put Holly in that “slippery slope” category since Book 1 especially when Captain Quincy was briefly mentioned in Book 2, “Royal Rebel,” and Holly’s “Adonis” remark about her in that scene! I had me wishful thinking about their pairing, then, mind! And VOILA, what d’ya know!!! I got me wish!! Holly has her own story to tell! And goodness, did Frame give her a brilliantly crafted story, indeed, matching her with, yes, the “Adonis” she referred to in Book 2, a highly decorated Royal Marine-turned-Queen Consort’s Protection Officer, Captain Quincy, no less! YAY!! Wish came true! Imagine me joy! Needless to say, “Royal Court” is now me favourite installment in the series, yet! Yes, because of Frame’s brilliant creation and portrayal of the ever-tantalising characters, Quincy and Holly, and their utterly mesmerising journey.

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